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  • The Arab/Persian Binary: histories of culture and conflict in the Persian Gulf [Audio]
    LSE Podcasts
    News & Politics

    Speaker(s): Professor Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet | Arabs and Persians have historically been placed in a binary and oppositional relationship. This bifurcated past has influenced the contemporary politics and historiography of the region, with far-reaching consequences for the stability and economic viability of different Middle Eastern communities. This clash of ethnicities becomes especially prominent in the Persian Gulf, where migrants, sailors, indigenous communities, and laborers have intermingled and forged a unique and multi-ethnic culture that defies facile categorization. Yet with the imposition of nationalism these multi-cultural communities have had to accept or adapt to the dominant state identity. This lecture will analyse the process of identity formation in the communities of the Persian Gulf by studying textual sources, as well as imperial and national objectives, that have determined these outcomes. Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet is Walter H Annenberg Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania. Roham Alvandi is is Associate Professor of International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. This event is the Department of International History Annual Gulf History Lecture with generous support from LSE Kuwait Programme.

  • EP 608 Cultivate A Monk Mindset with Jay Shetty
    Lewis Howes

    “Meditation is just a gym for the mind.” If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes, and more at:

  • Dialogue 01

    course 407 ex 38674

  • Deutsch lernen (B1) | Schlechte Luft in Großstädten
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Testet euer Wissen mit interaktiven Übungen:ßstädten Mit dem Top-Thema könnt ihr euch gleichzeitig über Neues aus aller Welt informieren und euren Wortschatz erweitern. Wir bieten euch zwei leicht verständliche Berichte mit Vokabelangaben und Fragen zum Text pro Woche. Hier geht's zur Übersichtsseite:

  • J.L. Austin on Doing Things with Words (Part One)
    Partially Examined Life

    On How to Do Things with Words, a lecture series delivered in 1955. What's the relationship between language and the world? According to Austin, philosophers have generally taken language as providing descriptions: A sentence is true if it correctly describes some state of affairs. But what about sentences like "I promise…"? Austin says that when you say that, you're not describing your inner state or predicting your future behavior, but performing a verbal action, a ritual that relies for its success on the circumstances of your utterance. For instance, you can't legitimately promise something beyond your control, can't really make a promise to a non-person, aren't really making a promise if you're saying it as a line in a play you're acting in, etc. And yes, if you have no intention of keeping the promise, that's another way in which it can "go wrong," though in that case you really have made a promise (unless, arguably, you had your fingers crossed, but that's just your bad excuse!). Austin calls promising, betting, apologizing, issuing a verdict, and similar verbal actions performatives, to contrast them to descriptive statements, and uses this kind of sentence to turn around our whole way of looking at language. These aren't just fringe cases in our language, he thinks, but actually, descriptions will end up being performatives too: "The dog is here" is really "I hereby state that the dog is here." Or is it? What's added in the second formulation is some kind of picture of the circumstance of utterance. My action could be merely one of stating, but it could also be one of warning ("The dog is here!"), concluding, complaining, etc. For Austin, analyzing the truth or falsity of a sentence doesn't get much of what's interesting about activity: You need to look at the whole speech act. You might recall Wittgenstein's doctrine in the Investigations (see our episode 55) that "meaning is use." The meaning of "I promise…" is only understood if you understand the social convention of promising. Austin makes this more precise, and I'll give you some of his terminology here. Every successful utterance can be analyzed in terms of its locution (the actual sentence uttered along with its dictionary meaning and what specifically in the world it is allegedly about); its illocution (how is it meant to work as a performative?); and its perlocution (what intended effects not dictated by convention, i.e., by its illocutionary aspect, does the utterance achieve?). This analysis is supposed to allow us to, for instance, banish as pseudo-problems significant questions in philosophy, including perhaps all of ethics. So simple and clear, right? OK, not so simple and clear, and Seth is back to join Mark, Wes, and Dylan to try to explain it all. Austin image by Charles Valsechi.

  • ENVP, Camilla Scott "The Power of Commitment"
    ENVP, Donna Johnson

    spoken training

  • Bien dormir (hypnose)
    MP3 Hypnose Gratuit

    Induction Hypnose profonde, à "écouter sans écouter"… pour mieux s'endormir. Texte de Patricia d'Angeli, fond sonore d'Olivier Lockert.

  • Kathy Freston Is The Queen of Clean Protein
    Rich Roll Podcast

    FULL BLOG & SHOW NOTES: VIDEO PODCAST: “Wellness isn’t about deprivation and it’s not about perfection. It is about pointing yourself in the direction of growth.” - Kathy Freston

  • TTMIK Level 1 Lesson 8 - It's NOT

    Start learning Korean today with TalkToMeInKorean's easy-to-follow audio lessons. The lessons are also accompanied by PDF lesson notes at

  • Delius - Lullaby for a Modern Baby
    UCL Sound

    UCL Chamber Music Club Concert 
 Recorded live on 15 March 2012 Frederick Delius (1862-1934) - Lullaby for a Modern Baby (1923) Bronwen Evans – violin Roger Beeson – piano UCL is consistently ranked as one of the world's top universities. Across all disciplines our faculties are known for their research-intensive approaches, academic excellence and engagement with global challenges. This is the basis of our world-renowned degree programmes. Visit us at

  • Understanding Violence in the Middle East and Africa [Audio]
    LSE Podcasts
    News & Politics

    Speaker(s): Professor Toby Dodge, Dr Rachel Ibreck, Rim Turkmani, Lyse Doucet | This event will launch LSE’s new Conflict Research Programme funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. The CRP aims to understand why contemporary violence is so difficult to end and to analyse the underlying political economy of violence with a view to informing policy, with a special focus on Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Members of the research team will present their ideas and initial findings to Javier Solana, the former foreign policy chief of the European Union. Toby Dodge (@ProfTobyDodge) is Director of the LSE Middle East Centre, Kuwait Professor and Professor in the International Relations Department at LSE. He is also Senior Consulting Fellow for the Middle East at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London. Rachel Ibreck's research centres on the politics of human rights, justice and civil society in the context of conflict and genocide, principally in Africa. Rim Turkmani (@Rim_Turkmani) is a Senior Research Fellow with the Conflict Research Programme on the Syrian war economy and the role of Syrian civil society in brokering peace and creating stability from the bottom up. Lyse Doucet (@bbclysedoucet) is chief international correspondent at the BBC. Lyse has been reporting for the BBC for nearly 30 years, with posts in Abidjan, Kabul, Islamabad, Tehran, Amman and Jerusalem. Javier Solana (@javiersolana) is President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics and a former EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy. He is a Visiting Professor at LSE. Mary Kaldor is a Professor of Global Governance and Director of the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit in the LSE Department of International Development. Professor Kaldor directs the unit’s largest research project, the Conflict Research Programme (CRP). The Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit is based within the International Development Department at LSE. The Unit focuses on understanding conflict and violence in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and bridging the gap between citizens and policy makers. Update, Monday 19 March: Due to unforeseen circumstances Rory Stewart will no longer be speaking at this event.

  • Total Relaxation Guided Meditation (remix)

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  • Deutsch lernen (B2/C1) | Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten vom 17.03.2018
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Klickt hier, um zum Manuskript zu gelangen: Täglich von Montag bis Samstag findet ihr hier aktuelle Tagesnachrichten der DW – langsam und verständlich gesprochen. Neben der Audio-Datei gibt es auch den vollständigen Text zum Mitlesen. Hier geht's zur Übersichtsseite:

  • The Bodhisattvas' Six Modes of Going Beyond
  • Deutsch lernen (B1/B2) | Schwein haben
    DW - Learn German
    Deutsch lernen

    Testet euer Wissen mit interaktiven Übungen: Was bedeutet es, wenn man einen Korb kriegt und wieso geht Liebe durch den Magen? „Das sagt man so!“ präsentiert häufig verwendete deutsche Redewendungen und Sprichwörter und erklärt den Kontext, in dem sie angewendet werden. Viele weitere Redewendungen findet ihr hier:

  • Taking My Life To Next Level
    stress release

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  • TTMIK Level 1 Lesson 10 - Have, Don't have, There is, There isn't

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  • Healing Emotions Guided Meditation

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  • Living On The Edge - Motivational Video
    Digital Spartan
    motivational speech, inspiring speech

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  • Relieving Physical Pain -- Body Scan Healing Meditation
    guided meditation