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  • peaches n creme

    insomnia is better than dreaming of u 3 o clock in the morning waking up at noon Ur more friends with the moon then all ur friends at school Tea with the cats and ur blanket chilling on bed Seems more right then pouring water for ur meds Doctor says ur fine but you see stars in the day Who needs 8 hours of sleep anyway? Still reliving our days when I am fast asleep Not being urs is sorta sad but kinda sweet Love is so dumb and it is not peaches n creme Staying up all night so I don’t have to dream Doctor says ur fine but you see stars in the day Who needs 8 hours of sleep anyway?

  • Sementara
    Folk Rock

    Hotma Roni Simamora: vocals, acoustic guitar. Timur Segara: drums. Leo Christian: bass. David Qlintang: electric guitar. Iyas Pras: keys, backing vocals. Written by Hotma Roni Simamora. Recorded live at Lake Cebong, Desa Sembungan, Dieng Plateau, Central Java on June 9, 2012. FOH engineer: Andi Anggoro. Recording engineers: Agan Sudrajat & Harfinovanto. Mixed at Pepperland, Jakarta. For more information about Float2Nature & free download links, visit

  • Dawn ft. ROBB

    my debut EP "DAWN" is OUT NOW: I am incredibly happy to show you guys the second original single, "Dawn" featuring ROBB off my upcoming EP "DAWN" - hope you enjoy it! filous ROBB Mastering: Don’t go, Running out. Don’t go, Racing round this town tonight. Stay here, Everything will fall in place. As long as we don’t try to chase… If we take this path, Will you follow through? Will you walk beside me, Realize, There’s something new, In every dawn, we see… With a single breath, We’ll walk this street, We’ll sail for miles, And Realize, There’s something real, Not just, make believe. Someday, somewhere, We will find. Some day, somewhere, We will find. f.

  • Tommy College
    Concept Rock

    TOMMY DID YOU KNOW? Tommy looks out over the river every night from a top floor room in a 5 bed house in a sheltered off suburban living block Dreams of a life, but doesn't everyone, of a life, with a four bed marble five star penthouse far from the river living just like a rock star a forgettable child, from humble beginnings, but its not a sin to be shallow cursed with a lazy shortsighted eye but it's not a shame to be hollow Tommy did you know they've been writing a song about you, it's an age old tale of a boy learnt to play a little guitar, went too far and the boy done sole his soul. Tommy looks out from gold rim glasses, listens to bruce springsteen says if these guy got they a piece o the pie well a boy like me's got nothing to fear so Buys a guitar and as time passes he arrives at a place where they pay free beer and the students cheer when they see time fly to a song they love to hear Gets rid of the specs, to get some respect, but it's not a sin to be shallow Learn how to smile in the mirror a while, it's not a shame to be hollow Tommy did you know they've been writing a song about you, it's an age old tale of a boy who learnt he a little guitar, went too far and the boy done sold his soul Tommy looks out from a slight left parting tinted with a silver streak and with five years gone well the boys moved on he's no more the silent unknown one no Sings of a heart that thought it was broken, but it turned out just to be cold and dead with a cynical head in a fucked up world just trying to be living They say that he lived his life in need, getting sympathy for the dark sad eyes and the long black shirts like a downturned lip kinda meant he was flirting Dead in the eyes with a heart of greed, trying to impress me with a minor chord and a depressed tone like how sexy it is to be lonely Never really loved much more then himself, but it's not a sin to be shallow Never really knew much of anyone else, But it's not a sin Tommy did you know they've been writing a song about you, it's an age old tale bout a boy who learnt to play him a little guitar, went too far and then the boy went and sold his soul. TOMMY COLLEGE Tommy college bought his name in school another fool for the Devil just a useless tool sold out his talent to be viewed as superficially cool, and swapped real talk quick for the ability to rule the mass with tune; see he was blessed with a good view, an enlightened sense of vision and a silver tounge too, and all his funds came easy from a silver spoon see he had every oppurtunity to make a little room but the concept of fame took his focus away and so he spent his days looking in the mirror trying to change Pierce the lip and shave the uni-brow you can learn a little music by the time you get to uni And be out with the crowd maybe form a little unit keep the conversation low to keep a mysterious image Keep your friends at a distance and your band leash, keep the girls always guessing and a spring in your feet Just make out like your arriving but your just about to leave, to be the life of the party got to work out how it breathes From green to brown leaves he'd perfected the image, starts a band with a girl and a black violinist and a drummer with spiked hair and a tattooed Penis, like a misfit crew, he called them Bite the Fuckin Bullet And they played fat shows in the campus holes and all the local pub venues till they were locally known And all the local girls loved it like a star in their home town, local girls fall before a city boy frown But the college boy had a little plan to wear crowns and so he played the girls loose never getting tied down The girls dug tommy like they wanted to help his little sad sack cutesy faced depressedy self but see he had his shifty eye on the kind of sket that little punks like Tommy would endevour to get And so looking round the campus in unclever regret he got to eyein up the girls he'd not been bothered by yet And saw a red haired beauty with a cross round her neck who had a look like she never gave a toss who was checkin her Tommy couldn't help but get to picturing wrecking her little jesus loving ass and so he wrote her letter the kind of cheese that slimy guys like these just breath I'm talkin fake sycophantic cliched thou's and thee's I want your soul in my life, we just have to meet, your a river of love and grace, won't you quench me please bending over backwards trying to make that wench be pleased, but he was benched, she's like boy won't you Unclench me please I'm not the kind of girl who gives it up for any singer yo, if you like it put a diamond on the finger by the centrepole The pussy whipped him, six months he spent to get on, and a man hates to fold on a good investment See Tommy played a good game, you can say what you want but when a girl plays a game see she plays it long He put a ring on the finger and his tounge in one, he was the first one inside her for a while it was fun They were celebrities in college, honeymoon in Hong Kong, and plus the gigs were sold out it seemed like everyone Wanted to be part of their lovely little Uni romance, see she was there with her friends at every gig they had dancing And so her friends bought there friends like they were all entourage, soon every motherfuck on campus wanted to be involved And every student in the class of two thousand and three, bought a copy of Bite the Bullets first CD Tommy knew that he could play but see he knew that the key to his success was the woman that he resented secretly And so he couldn't help but see the silver lining of the light When she had a heart attack watching a gig one night. this is something she lived with for a while, behind the laughing of her eyes and the beautiful smile she'd had a life filled with surgery and physical pain but she just laughed, said "the old tickers clicking again" She had a hole in her heart, nobody was to blame, but old Tommy saw the chance to up the level again Started trying to raise funds at the gigs he played, saying please help my lover get research to be saved Time passed and she just got worse, but old Tommy gave the girl a space in every verse And by the time she was wheeled in a chair to her class Tommy College had a space on his righteous arse On the daytime news basking in the false glory of a fake dude rising off've someone else's story and cause we love to watch while the world gets fucked well as Melody fell Tommy College raised up. Until the days she was too weak to even stand up, when old tommy got the crowd to put a lighter hand up and he'd say This is a song for my lover if you know a better nother then you better put it on I'm just a lonely type a brother with a heart broke lover and a sad sad song I'm gonna go to the river put my hands in the water and a pray to the one I got a hand full of charity a the neck of my string held up in the other one three years and the time flew by, the sad story made him household and nationwide Tommy and his melody, saving a life with a song and shit just seemed so right like it would never go wrong He played gigs for live Aid and for BBC 1, and for a while they were the couple that every teenager wanted but they knew this long story would become a short sonnet cause this bloody sunday had a black cherry sat right upon it SICK LOVE I love your cancer chic junkie sunk eyes, the blue vein ripple at the top of your thighs I can't believe, the wheeze as you breath and the grey of your skin is a porcelain prize I love the thin fringe limp on your head, the stone blue cold lonely eyes of the dead Down the phone, I hear the crackle of your lung and I know I'll be sleeping in a hospital bed tonight She wont be here much longer, you better get to know her now It's palliative, how much I care The pressures high, I can see from the green line. But It's M E on you, till your lips turn blue Emphycemiea Pneumoniea and Pluracy too; I should leave but I'm breathless under you A Flutter and a murmer and a hole in the heart, she's Bi-Polar and it's tearing me apart. Fey Grace laces every tread, your hazy eyes lazy lithium red in such beautiful dressing with your mood supressed I've got a stitched heart and your pulling the thread Peach skin, pristine bruised, Red green yellow purple and blue It's internal, I don't know what to do, I'm just a side effect of the placebo in you. MURDERERS back from the edge of madness, back from the edge of the world my love I am enveloped in encompassing sadness, reminded by the beautiful girls of our love from cally road up to the valens, the hooplah haunts and happens of our love at least we'll always have camden, the grays inn road and the worlds end pub oh Your past life, i think I knew you, we were someone else and we lived in regret as lovers, do you recall we were murderers Black is the edge of darkness, deep as the end of the sea my love Chomping at the bit of my harness, frustrated by the weight of the world as our love comes Crashing in a scene of violence, that old east london shoreditch pub falls deaf as the edge of silence, sated by the beautiful world of our love Don't take for granted my heart, thats what she said to me And went and wasted her words on a younger me At the astoria I will relive my tragedy wonder lonely from the angel up to silver street Dance away my pain at the old triple three Sleep in victoria and wake me up in hackey then use a day old pass to jump the 19 bus to finsbury park and to the memory Where I am still a boy, and only seventeen, where the stars are still that bright and the grass is still that green where the traffic in the air is our special kind of silence and the harmony of you would cast a voodoo over me and the nights would pass us by, and the weeks would die, till the ground was covered wet with all the morning light and the clocks just seem to lie and let the whole world pass us by and the canopy of concrete is a canvass for a street light bastard your last breath I will steal from you so to I'll steal your death and meet you where we wait forever until we'll be together again your regrets, I will take from you so there aint none left and I'll live in regret forever, as if I never said your name Your past life, i think I knew you, we were someone else and we lived in regret as lovers, do you recall we were murderers my curse in life is to see through you in a future tense, and know that as we lay as lovers, you will become my killer Back from the dead with purpose, back from the land of the lame with my soul all tourniqueted up to my sternum pretending to be one and the same with my soul from camberwell back up to morden, wondering the streets of south with my soul all black and apathetic with boredom, done with all the streets are drowning my soul TOMMY's REMORSE I’m so free, so free, don’t you wanna follow me oh my life, ever since you died I’ve been so Fuckin free, hollowed out the eyes and made a Home in the branches of a old and broken oak tree I'm so wild, don't you wanna colour my life oh my stars - never thought it be this hard I'm so fuckin dead, ripples in my head like the leaves on the branches of this old and broken oak tree of my home Your precious to me, so precious to me Salt and pepper, husband and wife Won’t you endevour through the stormy weather with me I want to keep you for the rest of your life I want you teathered to me, want you indebted to me Laying in bed for my love to arrive Come to heaven with me, I want to tear out your eyes And you’ll always need me to guide you home I never meant to kill you, I only meant to make you sick so you’d be like “feed me” and I’m like “be with me” This is my curse I killed her first and now kills my lover Please Hear my words of good advice, sisters, good friends and brothers Don’t slip inside you’ll die a little death like all the others Your lips collide with mine to steal our breath beneath the covers Don’t let our hearts connect through pressed flesh of heaving chest Those hearts that tangle us in passion with each sweaty breath It wouldn’t do us any good to take what we both crave Cause the scratching of my floorboards is the turning of a grave I think the ghost is up again, knocking on the window who's that out there? someone who cares? I think the ghost is up again, scraping up the stairs outside come inside to me, I'm everything you need I need everything, and you're everything to me; You're everything I need, come stand beside me I need everything, and you're everything to me, everything I need. The air that I breathe. And theres a bloodstain on the floor, that says you got what you came here for; I should have never been your whore, cause it's all that you wanted I’m so free, but she’s always gonna follow me, All my life, I only wanted her to treat me right We we’re so fuckin high but I’m not surprised t| hat I remember The way she changed from that early may till late December I just want to protect you Alice, I just want to make you smile Please Let me infect you Alice, I want to keep you for the rest of your life I want you teathered to me, want you indebted to me Salt and Pepper, Husband and wife Come to heaven with me, I want to tear out your eyes And you’ll always need me to guide you home

  • Ave Maria
    Blush Writes

    Hey All! This is my original remake of Ave Maria Written by Me Produced by Aaron Edwards (@AaronGEdwards ) Hope you enjoy and have an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year! Lyrics Below! “Ave Maria” She’s breaking Taking the long way home Thinking maybe I did it wrong Woshing that she could be someone else Looking for an escape But you just can’t find the right way Screaming Hail Mary but nothings falling Into the place But one good day Will bring it all into perspective You’ll feel better with time Find your peace of mind in Ave maria Oh Picking apart your past remininising when you had better days Missing when everything went your way The pressure could cave the strongest in stature Cause No one is safe from disaster But just like a rock you remain But one good day Will bring it all into perspective You’ll feel better with time Find your peace of mind in Ave maria Oh Just keep laughing in the rain Cause the sun will come again It’s okay not to be okay Find your peace of mind Ave maria Oh

  • That Moon Song
  • Brothers
    prince of spain

    Don't leave me brother, trailing behind I've felt more lost than I've felt found With all the chaos in my mind Dream of world beyond these hills Where I'll start a brand new life Confidence shaken, fear in my eyes My heart it races, full of doubts, while we conquer the stateside I know I'm not the greatest man But father time tends to be kind For everything I've had, but set aside I look back now and realize That everything I've wanted was always mine I let the current, sweep me aside The rushing water knows no bounds On tender matters such as life It’s been so long since I believed myself Time to dry my pride So hear me brother, the time has come To mend the broken, nurse the fire of every knot that’s come undone Pick up the pace, we’re headed West This journey’s just begun For everything I've had, but set aside Look back now and realize Everything I've wanted was always mine

  • Catch Me - Stars and Rabbit
    Lilystars Records
    indie #folk #pop #starsandrabbit

    One listen to Constellation, Indonesian indie folk pop duo Stars and Rabbit’s debut studio album, will never be enough. These 11 solidly-produced tracks from guitarist Adi Widodo and singer Elda Suryani are enigmatic, charming, childlike, imaginative, unforgettable and more. The two old friends first joined forces in 2011, their combined musical influences including primarily British and Icelandic artists known for pushing creative limits and pioneering sound art: Sigur Rós, Coldplay, Radiohead, Emiliana Torrini, Imogen Heap, and Sia to name a few. The result of these influences are clear in Constellation where the songs’ textures, emotions and dynamics grow and develop, sometimes starting with childlike charm, then building to a roaring intensity. Ranging from haunting acoustic Appalachian style, to heavy, driving blues rock, the songs incorporate mystical slide guitars and strings, delicate chimes, dark cellos and heavy bass. Suryani’s childlike voice floats over top with a distinctive edge reminiscent of Björk: there are no limits on what she chooses to do, stretching syllables, vocalizing wordlessly, floating melody lines in the pure enjoyment of singing. This full album, releasing digitally May 15, 2015 , is the next brilliant step for Stars and Rabbit after the 2013 release of their first EP, Live at Deus. Released exclusively in the Philippines by Lilystars Records under lincense from Green Island Music, Indonesia.

  • She - Dodie Clark
    Debra Baker 8

    This is the original song She by youtube Dodie Clark, aka doddleoddle. (no speaking)

  • Rising Sun

    Hey little lady You've cried too much lately Don't you think you've had enough The past and the present Doesn't seem God sent You're waiting but the times get tough Open up your eyes and say all your goodbyes As you walk outside the door to leave No, you never looked back Never took a real chance You just locked the door and took the key You can run away Take everything you own And be gone before the rising sun Hop in your car Turn the radio on Singing songs like we were singing along When the morning comes You'll be so far gone Wish I would've got the chance to say That if you never come back I just want you to know I'm gonna love you either way Hey pretty momma Don't you start cryin' Don't let yourself go frail and weak There's hope in tomorrow Happiness to borrow Till' you you get to where you need I know your baby's left But it's really for the best It's not the future that you wanted to see But maybe some day soon She'll be back in this room And finally be the woman she outta be

  • tissues

    a song i wrote about a good friend and my experiences after we parted ways. / / / / / / always used to dance around in space when we were young back in the freeway days the five don't seem so warm then how much time passed since last summer? nostalgia is not fond of us oh time flies if the timings right your city is bright cold bites we're stars tonight youre there for me lets wait around and see blurred vision i can see my blood thinning if i keep running i can buy time oh shit, my ambition be expensive but my dreams might cause attention call my friends when i reach peak and its the weekend brain is sinking train is passing my thoughts are past tense ill start laughing when we are drinking back to scotland i miss my friend i dream of a hometown even though i have found nothing lovesick i can feel my heart stiffen listening from 2016 again

  • In Time

    'In Time' is released on 23.10.15 on Feel Good Lost. Buy on iTunes: In Time / Fall depths with me miles apart / In light / We solve our whole lives. - Lyrics - I set a fire to the moons shape We are just shadows in the cascades of history Fetted love and then your war games A sky released I set our bodies on my lungs shore This heavy whisper makes me more scared then anything I was loved and now that loves lost I know they'll never find us Way out amongst the madness I feel free Ch 1 In time Fall depths with me miles apart In light We solve our whole lives In time You'll breach the brighter parts Alight We fall V 2 You pry me thumping from this long drop My twisted body in a bind that you want to break This house is covered by your blood sport Don't give a fuck what's taken I hear there's wars worth making Just leave Ch 2 In time Fall depths with me miles apart In light We solve our whole lives In time You'll breach the brighter parts Alight We fall Bridge So lay down our limbs All our mumbles they are fables Bind it all up and cast it all out into the light I sense all your omens You are young But you are able We drop from the sky and fill our lungs to feel alive Ch 3 In time Fall depths with me miles apart In light We solve our whole lives In time You'll breach the brighter parts Alight We fall

  • Gregory Alan Isakov - Big Black Car
    RedHead Road
  • Tiap Senja
    Folk Rock

    Hotma Roni Simamora: vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, VST instruments. Windra Benyamin: electric guitars, VST instruments. Raymond Agus Saputra: bass. Guest musicians: Yossi Adityawarman Rasjad: keys. Hengky Alexander: drums. Written by Hotma Roni Simamora. Music Producer: Windra Benyamin. Mix & recording engineer: Jaya ROXX at Gajah Studio, Jakarta. Mastering engineer: Indra Q at IQ A.L.A. Studio, Jakarta.

  • a fallen angel 🌟

    luna has risen also available on: itunes: apple music: spotify, and all other major music stores. lost and afraid of the world that surrounds me i constantly let down everyone around me my heart it glows my soul it floats i stay awake cos i cant breathe when demons haunt me in my sheets have you ever felt like you were dead? like nothing feels the same so you just lie in your bed? light a cigarette put your woes to rest im a fallen angel baby im not like the rest i try to hold on to the things that i once loved my heart and emotions are something im void of youre wasting away are you okay? please just keep your head up and just hope for better days hold on to your memories and youll be safe this may be our last chance to leave this place its like i hold myself back crying wolf to all the sheep singing lullabies to ease my mind safely drifting in the night but nothings ever as it seems waking up from fever dreams ive counted every single sheep but i still cant fucking sleep

  • Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart
    Record Records
    Indie folk

    Önnur smáskífa af fyrstu breiðskífu Of Monsters and Men. /// Second single from Of Monsters and Men debut album.

  • Sick Of Losing Soulmates - Dodie Clark
  • Bali Shanti - Gus Teja

    Agus Teja is one of the Up-coming artists of Bali. His Compositions fall in to the genres of global music, traditional music and folks music played with unique instruments inspired by Balinese Gamelan. His music talks to mind,

  • Alela Diane - The Rifle
    Cdrik Ruiz Palancade

    Un des morceaux d'une de mes sessions radio acoustique avec Alela Diane , le morceau est The Rifle , elle est toute seule à la guitare ... juste magique