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  • You

    You is the First single taken from Kyson's sophomore album "A Book Of Flying". A Book Of Flying’ marks Kyson’s return to Friends of Friends and the follow-up to 2013’s ‘The Water’s Way’. 11 roomy, beatific songs are rounded around Kyson’s delicate vocal work, the album updating classic folk tropes with modern verve. Composed entirely by Kyson, the album is a sort of grown up bedroom album, full of contemplative instrumentation and songwriting that tugs at intrinsically human heartstrings. Whereas Kyson’s music has touched on the dancefloor in the past, ‘A Book Of Flying’ gives in entirely to his inward-looking proclivities and the result is his most complete work to date, a work of contemporary folk that paints a fluid picture of Kyson the artist. A Book Of Flying is out April 1st via Friends Of Friends Records. iTunes: Spotify:

  • Mademoiselle - Loanh Quanh
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    Follow My Facebook: Follow My Youtube: Follow My Bandcamp: Loanh Quanh. -Mademoiselle- Có một chiều tôi đi theo anh. Loanh quanh loanh quanh đi khắp phố phường Thì thầm đọc tên những con đường, Gió lùa qua mái tóc, xem nắng nhuộm vàng trên hàng cây già. Bước từng bước thật chậm, Anh không muốn dừng chân, còn tôi chưa muốn về nhà. Cũng mặt trời treo trên mây cao, Sao mặt trời anh không mang nắng hạ. Màu hoàng hôn trên lá, anh cũng đâu thiết tha. Dòng người đi qua hối hả, phải chăng anh không mặn mà. Nếu tôi có nhạt nhòa trong tâm trí anh, cũng đâu bất ngờ. Biết đời này còn lại bao nhiêu? Tôi cứ yêu, yêu qua các mùa Khát khao như nắng ban trưa Nghĩ suy như gió như mưa Thích anh luôn ở bên tôi, Muốn anh riêng tôi mà thôi. Mà chờ đợi quá lâu rồi, tôi đâu sống như mây trời. Câu chuyện tình một thời, xin anh hãy buông lơi Và cho tôi một con đường./ English translation: One afternoon, I followed you. Going around the street, whispering their names. The wind blew through my hair while sunlight was painting on the old trees. We took slow steps, you didn't want to stop and I didn't want to go home. The same sun, hanged above the high clouds. Why didn´t your sun have the summer scent? Like you didn't care about the sunset on the leaves You didn´t pay attention to the people flow either I might be fading from your mind, it´s not a surprise. I don´t know how long this life will last I keep loving you, through many seasons. My desire is like the midday sun. My thoughts are like the storms. I want you to be always by my side I want you to only be mine But I have been waiting for too long I don´t live like the clouds. The old love story in the past, please let it go. And show me the way./

  • Tightrope (from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack) [Official Audio]
    Wang Beibei

    Official Audio [Verse 1: Charity Barnum] Some people long for a life that is simple and planned Tied with a ribbon Some people won't sail the sea 'cause they're safer on land To follow what's written But I'd follow you to the great unknown Off to a world we call our own [Chorus: Charity Barnum] Hand in my hand And we promised to never let go We're walking the tightrope High in the sky We can see the whole world down below We're walking the tightrope Never sure, never know how far we could fall But it's all an adventure That comes with a breathtaking view Walking the tightrope [Post-Chorus: Charity Barnum] With you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh With you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh With you [Verse 2: Charity Barnum] Mountains and valleys, and all that will come in between Desert and ocean You pulled me in and together we're lost in a dream Always in motion So I risk it all just to be with you And I risk it all for this life we choose [Chorus: Charity Barnum] Hand in my hand And you promised to never let go We're walking the tightrope High in the sky We can see the whole world down below We're walking the tightrope Never sure, will you catch me if I should fall? Well, it's all an adventure That comes with a breathtaking view Walking the tightrope [Post-Chorus: Charity Barnum] With you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh With you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh With you With you, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [Outro: Charity Barnum] With you, ooh-ooh-ooh With you

  • Belly (The Grass Stains)
    Rex Orange County

    BCOS U WILL NEVER B FREE a bedroom album by Rex all songs written by Alex O'Connor (not including 'cape fear' written & performed by Cosmo Pyke) recording and production by Gianluca Bottoni mixed and mastered by Oscar Boyd-Palmer cover image by Clint Frift

  • Payung Teduh - Mari Bercerita
  • Georgia - Vance Joy (Acoustic Cover)
    Chris Lanzon

    Acoustic cover of Vance Joy's "Georgia", hope you enjoy. Check out the video here:

  • Rugged Road (written by Judee Sill) FREE DOWNLOAD
    Judee Sill

    Get the new EP now from for cassette copies, and all usual places for MP3. Rugged Road: I was watching tv one night and caught a program showing re-runs of The Old Grey Whistle Test from the 70's. I recognised everyone until Judee Sill came on. I'd never heard of her. From that I got really hooked on her album 'Heart Food' and this song in particular 'Rugged Road'. So here's my version of it - go check hers out if you don't know it. She was awesome. Oh, and the picture - I call it "Tortoise playing harmonica on tiny stool" .

  • Saakin - Saqi - E-Bawafa

    I am the trusted cup-bearer: With every breath Aly Aly I am a Sufi, pure at heart: With every breath Aly Aly For Aly, dear to God, I burn with love: With every breath Aly Aly I am swept with secret melody: With every breath Aly Aly You are Adam in his innocence, Yusuf in his loveliness, You are the guide of Khidr on the Way: With every breath Aly Aly You are the Law’s high lord, you are the Master of the Path, You are the truth within the Truth: With every breath Aly Aly Lord of men in every breath, exalted over moon and sun, Father of Hasan and Husayn: With every breath Aly Aly To you, the noble Prophet said, You are my uncle’s son, Your flesh is my flesh, your blood is my blood. With every breath Aly Aly Sign and scripture mantle you, Robed and crowned invincibly. I am Shams Ghulam-i Kambarat, With my every breath Aly Aly

  • That Moon Song
  • Brothers
    prince of spain

    Don't leave me brother, trailing behind I've felt more lost than I've felt found With all the chaos in my mind Dream of world beyond these hills Where I'll start a brand new life Confidence shaken, fear in my eyes My heart it races, full of doubts, while we conquer the stateside I know I'm not the greatest man But father time tends to be kind For everything I've had, but set aside I look back now and realize That everything I've wanted was always mine I let the current, sweep me aside The rushing water knows no bounds On tender matters such as life It’s been so long since I believed myself Time to dry my pride So hear me brother, the time has come To mend the broken, nurse the fire of every knot that’s come undone Pick up the pace, we’re headed West This journey’s just begun For everything I've had, but set aside Look back now and realize Everything I've wanted was always mine

  • Tamasha (original) by Khumariyaan
    Khumariyaan (Official)

    Tamasha captures the raw energy that is Khumariyaan. It's a effort to capture the essence of the first meeting of the band and the philosophy of contemporary folk rock instrumental music.

  • You And Me (Single)
    Unknown Neighbour
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    I'm so excited to share my new Single with you! Again, a huge thanks to Christopher Zacharias, Sascha Bercik (Recording & Mixing/Studio Funk Frankfurt) and Marco Manzo (Mastering/Studio Funk Düsseldorf)! Follow me on Facebook: Get the tune on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: LYRICS: I will meet you on the day when I’ll find The courage to leave my cares behind Oh you give me hope Yeah you give me hope You will look into my eyes and see me I will fall into your arms and feel free We’ll be full of life We’ll be full of life So I’ really want time to stand still Although it never will When I think of you and me And how pleasant life could be I hope that one day When I’m on my way Oh you will become true All the time I saw love as a risk It’s like seeing the world as a disk Time to move on It’s time to move on Cause I wanna feel what I’ve missed those years Wanna know and see what’s beyond my fears Oh I wait for you I still wait for you So I’ really want time to stand still Although it never will When I think of you and me And how pleasant life could be I hope that one day When I’m on my way Oh you will become true So I’ really want time to stand still Although it never will When I think of you and me And how pleasant life could be I hope that one day When I’m on my way Oh you will become true

  • Dont Be A Fool
    Land Of Trees
    Folk & Singer-Songwriter

    'Wild Wind' is our first full album and since we want everyone to be able to enjoy it, here it is free of charge! However, if you do wish to support us so we can continue creating music you can by a digital copy of our album right here: and if you want to add a Spotifylist click here: Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify etc. for updates, livesessions, tourdates and more!

  • John Mark Nelson: Boy
    John Mark Nelson
  • Dialog Dini Hari - Tentang Rumahku
    Dany Utono
  • hands

    i always liked how your hands looked and not just in comparison to mine they were an artists hands calloused from building walls and skin covered in clay that cracked as it dried you see, i have two thoughts before touching someones hands are they soft? i hope not not too soft because four years ago i fell into a hole so as soon as they touch i wonder if they're strong enough to help pull me to the top and are they cold? god i hope so because mine are so cold that anytime someone touches them they ask me if something's wrong i know that most people have walls but i just don't think mine are the same you are hiding away i am trying to escape i am inside of a cave trying to retain the memory of the last time that i saw the light of the day and i told you that where i am felt permanent and you told me to give it time because nothing is but the minute our hands touched i felt something click because they were strong with the force to dig your nails into the earth and make the world suddenly stop and they were cold like the metal gears and glass casing constructing a clock and i know that i'm not moving fast enough i know that so much time has already passed us up and i know that it must be frustrating to stand in front of someone who keeps promising you that they'll get better without the evidence to back it up but you have to trust me the past is ugly but i'll make it to the other side as long as i know that when i get there i'll have somebody please, i know that i can do this i just need another half a month i can pull through this i just need our hands to touch you said that you would always look for me in the crowd with the same eagerness that a child sifts through the lost and found searching for anything that felt missing never considering what would happen the moment you stopped as if the moment you're not looking for an object is the moment it stops being lost i get it, you were cold but i wanted to be more than just a coat clinging onto a body that i was never constructed to hold or a mirror to look into when your reflection stopped looking like a person that you know i know that you know the feeling of new clothes but do you know what it's like to sit at the bottom of a box every night replaying the fantasy of cold hands reaching inside to take you home you said you felt lost when you were found out the death of our hands on your couch was the birth of discovery that someone elses hands could feel cold and in that sudden rush i thought of all the hands that could help me build a home and none of them looked like yours

  • Catch Me - Stars and Rabbit
    Lilystars Records
    indie #folk #pop #starsandrabbit

    One listen to Constellation, Indonesian indie folk pop duo Stars and Rabbit’s debut studio album, will never be enough. These 11 solidly-produced tracks from guitarist Adi Widodo and singer Elda Suryani are enigmatic, charming, childlike, imaginative, unforgettable and more. The two old friends first joined forces in 2011, their combined musical influences including primarily British and Icelandic artists known for pushing creative limits and pioneering sound art: Sigur Rós, Coldplay, Radiohead, Emiliana Torrini, Imogen Heap, and Sia to name a few. The result of these influences are clear in Constellation where the songs’ textures, emotions and dynamics grow and develop, sometimes starting with childlike charm, then building to a roaring intensity. Ranging from haunting acoustic Appalachian style, to heavy, driving blues rock, the songs incorporate mystical slide guitars and strings, delicate chimes, dark cellos and heavy bass. Suryani’s childlike voice floats over top with a distinctive edge reminiscent of Björk: there are no limits on what she chooses to do, stretching syllables, vocalizing wordlessly, floating melody lines in the pure enjoyment of singing. This full album, releasing digitally May 15, 2015 , is the next brilliant step for Stars and Rabbit after the 2013 release of their first EP, Live at Deus. Released exclusively in the Philippines by Lilystars Records under lincense from Green Island Music, Indonesia.