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  • The Weekly Roast and Toast 10-16-18
    Double Toasted

    It's time to get down to some roastin' and toastin'! But noooooo! Sears is filing for bankruptcy! Today we are discussing our top 7 reasons why we as 70's and 80's kids still think Sears is awesome! We also are going to be talking about the Melania Trump depiction in T.I's newest music video, and how Trump herself has called the video "disgusting." What do we think? Find out tonight!

  • The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep. 6 Eric Bolling
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Glenn sits down with Eric Bolling to discuss the loss of his son, his effort to educate others about the risks of opioid use and Eric's proposed solution to the problem. Eric discusses his personal relationship with President Trump as well as Trump's unconventianal approach to business, policies, taxes and immigration.

  • Alan Watts: Sense of Nonsense

    Background, transcribed highlights, and more:

  • PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (10/12/18)
  • Burn
    Brant Hansen

    I originally intended this song to be about Moses, from the perspective of God's love for him. The Angel of the Lord spoke to Moses, at the burning bush, choosing him in spite of his own imperfections for what had to be a lonely mission. Then I started thinking about Saeed Abedini, imprisoned in Iran. The song really became about him. Again, from the perspective of a Father who doesn't run from pain. Instead, he knows it. He knows suffering, and does not abandon us. This is posted with permission from Naghmeh Abedini. She asks you to continue to pray for her family. Thank you to my friend Sean Moody for collaborating with me on this. We're moving from California soon, and I will miss Sean and our conversations dearly.

  • Answers
    The Heart

    Kaitlin questions the men in her life she trusts the most. [Trigger Warning] Episode Three of 'No'. Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.

  • HALFCAST PODCAST: Who Laughs Last Laughs Loudest. UFC Spesh!

    This is a one off episode. The biggest fight in the world happened recently with Conor McGregor taking on undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov. Conor was disrespectful to Khabib's father, his religion and his country and ultimately lost. Did he cross the line with the trash talking? This is a review of the whole situation. #HalfcastPodcast @ChuckieOnline @Savage_Dan_

  • #165 - Quem É o Eleitor Brasileiro?
    Notícias e Política

    O brasileiro vota mal. Muitas vezes ouvimos e reproduzimos essa frase. Mas quando falamos isso, estamos falando de quem exatamente? Quem reclama das vitórias da Dilma vai dizer que é dos nordestinos. Ou será dos mineiros, que definiram, de fato, as eleições em 2014? A culpa não foi deles porque eles não votaram no Aécio. Infelizmente, não temos essa resposta filosófica. Se pegarmos os extratos do TSE conseguimos saber quem votou em quem, mas não o que foi o motivador. Por isso no programa de hoje vamos tentar olhar e entender esse ser tão em alta, tão querido, tão cobiçado do oiapoque ao chuí, da favela às mansões. Para isso, contamos na mesa com Manoel Galdino, diretor executivo do Transparência Brasil; e André Perfeito, economista-chefe da Spinelli. Abre a mente e o coração e taca-lhe o play neste Mamilos! ======== FALE CONOSCO . Email: [email protected] . Facebook: aqui . Twitter: aqui ======== CONTRIBUA COM O MAMILOS Quem apoia o Mamilos ajuda a manter o podcast no ar e ainda recebe toda semana um apanhado das notícias mais quentes do jeito que só o Mamilos sabe fazer. É só R$9,90 por mês! Corre ler, quem assina tá recomendando pra todo mundo. ======== EQUIPE MAMILOS Edição - Caio Corraini Produção - Maíra Teixeira Apoio a pauta - Jaqueline Costa e grande elenco Transcrição dos programas - Lu Machado e Mamilândia ======== CAPA A capa dessa semana foi feita por Zeca Bral ======== FAROL ACESO André: Canção "Eu Não Tenho Nada a Ver com Isso"; Manoel: Livro "Irmãos, Uma História do PCC"; Ju: Podcast "Durma com Essa".

  • The Glenn Beck Program - 10/15/18 - Hour 1
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Chaos Portland Oregon...ANTIFA vs. Law and Order?...the price of 'courage'...both sides think they have it...both sides think they're right...both sides are wrong? ...Labels are years to come we will find out who we are? these sick turbulent times we are protected by the guardrails of the Constitution...we're not as sick as they tell us?...America is not worthless and racist, we are a powerful force for good...always wanting to be 'better' for a brighter future generation? ...Help the Victims of Hurricane Michael NOW ...MercuryOne.Org/HurricaneRelief18 

  • PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call: Get Her Back
  • The pulsed call of a fin whale

    Courtesy of John Hildebrand

  • PODCAST: Win Brooke’s Bucks (10/15/18)
  • Mobb Deep - All A Dream Feat. The Lox
    Mobb Deep

    Produced by Ommas Keith & Michael Uzowuru

  • Ebro in the Morning - Ella Mai On Jacquees, Rumored Sextape & Success Of "Boo'd Up" (Full Show 10-16-18)
  • 'THE SATAN BOMB' - October 4, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    A replica of the Arch of Baal was recently unveiled in Washington DC, a day prior to the controversial Kavanaugh hearings. These events appear to fall into place with the Twilight Language - the language of symbols, numbers, and hints that point to a supernatural or paranormal explanation as to why strange things happen in the world. Building your own idols and replicas dedicated to horned gods and child sacrifice has been known to attract complex entities. No matter what label they put on it, things like the Arch of Baal are not about peace but inevitability, attracting the dark powers that the symbols represent. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about THE SATAN BOMB.

  • "Orange Blossom" by Destiny

    The latest offering from the ever-changing artist behind last year's afro-futurist album, 'Metallic Butterfly.' This time around, she's gone disco and given up the Princess Nokia moniker for the name Destiny. 'Honeysuckle' is bright, optimistic, feminist, socially conscious, and filled with a whole lot of soul.

  • Questions
    The Heart

    A processing party. [Trigger Warning] Episode Four of 'No'. Produced with the generous support of the IWMF.

  • The Glenn Beck Program - 10/11/18 - Hour 1
    The Glenn Beck Program

    'Oh far we have fallen' because of Obamacare... 212% deductible increases...we are entering a brave new progressive world ...New Study: How Americans Feel About...25% are Traditional Devoted Conservatives...only 8% are 'Progressive Activists?...80% make up the 'Exhausted Majority' make up the most ...NY man charged with building a 200-lb bomb DC bomb plot?  ...Eric Holder threatens to 'kick, those people'? ..."Russian meddling in 'Star Wars'? When will Robert Mueller investigate?"...Young Voices spokesperson, Stephen Kent explains?...'everything' pop culture is being pushed into politics?...Winning Twitter Arguments = Impossible

  • Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
    STAR 102.5

    Live and acoustic from STAR 102.5's Acoustic Lounge.

  • We're Always on the Air at 104.6 by wendingus (Guest Storytime) (2/?)
    MrCreepypasta's Storytime

    Autumn Ivy discovers new horrors in the mist in Wedingus's comedy series. The whole series is here: ( The Author: Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new BOOK! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends. ► Volume 1: ► Volume 2: ► Comic Book: Visit the store! ►