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  • 149 - Let's Be Mermaids
    Dear Hank & John

    Where would you put an extra eye? How do I survive at home alone? Why is underwear a pair? And more! Email us: [email protected] Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring this episode! For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, go to or and enter code dearhank or dearjohn.

    Ground Zero Media

    Though there are countless forms of human activity damaging the biosphere, illegal global climate engineering / solar radiation management operations are a primary causal factor fueling catastrophic wildfires all over the globe (which official sources are not disclosing). Climate engineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, triggering increasing dry lightning, destroying the ozone layer, contaminating soils, and covering everything at ground level with an incendiary dust (due to the fallout from atmosphere spraying programs.) On Ground Zero tonight, Clyde Lewis talks with the creator of, Jim Lee about EXORDIUM TERMINUS - ECOSYSTEM COLLAPSE AND APOCALYPSE

  • 'Kanye's Right! Be an Individual'? - 8/10/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1
    Security ramps up ahead of the White Nationalist Rally in D.C...National Socialism vs. Internationalism Socialism?...Our Founders were 'classical Liberals', before it was hijacked?...when God was replaced with eugenics?...trying to make America, Europe? ...Kanye West is one of the bravest American's out there...'Why not try loving the President'? ...Caller Dan from Ohio, thinks the country is so divided, that it is time to start thinking about dividing the country up?
    Hour 2 
    No more Pledge of Allegiance?...Atlanta school eliminates it for a 'Wolf Pack Chant'? ...Bill O'Reilly Friday!...'hesitancy', word of the day?...the media 'don't care' about Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour...'government guidelines' and the likes of Alex Jones? ...Chicago Murder Rate vs. The Nazi SS?...Did Bill watch Kenya on Jimmy Kimmel?...Bill's first and only encounter with Kenya, 'nice pants'?
    Hour 3 
    Be Like Maxine? ...The art of being civil with people we disagree with?...'there are no limits on comedy'?...'The Word Police' are the Left?...The Western culture is evaporating right before our eyes ...Arson is suspected in the California wildfires...2 suspects are being held ...Daddy/Daughter date for Glenn?

  • They Stalk the Thicket and They Aren't Choosy About Their Prey by deadnspread
    Creepypasta Storytime

    Well that's pretty much the most horrible thing I've ever seen... The Author: Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new BOOK! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends. ► Volume 1: ► Volume 2: ► Comic Book: Visit the store! ►

    Ground Zero Media

    Monsanto has been responsible for the mass chemical poisoning of our world going back more than 40 years and hid scientific evidence proving glyphosate caused cancer, while pretending it was as “safe as salt.” Glyphosate is so pervasive that we now can understand why so many people; mostly children, have it in their systems and why it shows up in their urine. If you or your children are eating Cheerios right now, there’s a good chance that they’re accompanied by a dose of Roundup. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with supplement and nutritional expert, Dr. Joel Wallach about GMO CANCER IS "O" SO SERIAL. #ExclusiveArticle for #GroundZero #GMOCancerIsOSoSerial

  • The Movie Review Extravaganza! 8-15-18
    Double Toasted

    GANZA! GANZA! GANZA! It’s time for that movie review extravaganza folks! Tonight we are reviewing Mile 22 starring Mark Whalberg! Then we’re reviewing the romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians about a New Yorker who goes to singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family. Lastly, Martin Thomas will be reviewing Alpha all by his lonesome!

  • 'Comply or Be Destroyed'? - 8/16/18
    The Glenn Beck Program

    Hour 1 
    Christian baker under fire again, this time for a transgender cake?...Colorado Civil Rights commission target despite Supreme Court ruling..."just leave him alone"...Liberty and Justice for All, No More? ...TDS Alert!... NBC New reports the latest in Trump Derangement Syndrome?; Trump 'hates dogs'? ...Jacob L. Shapiro, Director of Analysis, Geopolitical Futures...discusses 'The Currency Crisis of 2018'?...why everyone needs to be worried about the future of currency; debit is rapid around the world...the 'floaist poop' in the toilet?...Turkey and Iran? ...Ben Shapiro Live, knocked it out of the ballpark?
    Hour 2
    The Washington Post's...'misleading' headline news?..."White-supremacist rally cost D.C. at least $2.6 million, preliminary estimate shows"...fact checking ensues? ...Vox Article: America might be ready for democratic socialism. It's not ready for the bill...Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Brian Riedl joins to explain?...the insanity of the lefts way of paying for health care and college tuition for all? ...'Greatgate' escalates?...'America was never great'?...NY Governor Cuomo vs. Democratic Socialism? ...Are you growing as a person?
    Hour 3
    R.I.P. Charlie Butcher...remembering one of radio's greats? ...Reporter at Large, Benny Johnson, The Daily Caller...joins Glenn to discuss 'Antifa'...Who are they, what are their tactics, and how the media doesn't report on this hateful group?...who decides what hate speech is? ...'Pooperoni on The San Francisco Streets'?...Divorcing your 'yang'? ...First, they came for Alex Jones...?

  • All Slenderman Stories (Compilation)
    Creepypasta Storytime

    ALL Slender Man stories that I've recorded on this channel to date... The Slender Man Movie is out. Let me know what you guys thought of it. Was it bad? OR would any of these stories have made a better movie? Video!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new BOOK! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends. ► Volume 1: ► Volume 2: ► Comic Book: Visit the store! ►

  • What Up, Son?! - August 13th, 2018
    Double Toasted

    It’s a whole new week with a whole new bag of foolishness! We chill out with Miss Mia, Oz, and Kcoolmanz himself to start the week! Tonight we are talking about cows chasing down a car thief, a cop turning in his own son, a suspect whose mouth is taped shut in court, and a girl who takes her graduation photo to an alligator.

  • Podcast #83: The Villain's Criminal Google
    Shut Up & Sit Down

    In this episode of the award-winning board game podcast, Quinns, Matt and Paul are BAD MEN. They make fun of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, adopt some evil roles in Disney's Villainous, investigate a wallet that isn't theirs in the game of Wallet, and play a few troubling rounds of Weird Things Humans Search For.

  • Episode 145 | "Role Play"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    This week Joe, Rory and Mal are joined by Ice and from beginning to end let the jokes fly. Joe wants to know if and when it’s cool to set your girlfriend as the lock screen on your phone (10:47). As predicted on this podcast, the robots have arrived! The guys talk about the new “life-like” sex dolls that were introduced, which adds to “conspiracy theory” Joe’s prediction of robots taking over (30:09). Also, they discuss which one of the guys that have participated in role-play and Joe reveals his go-to character in the bedroom, you’d never guess what it is (1:11:26). This episode is filled so tune in and indulge. Don’t forget to cop your tickets for “Oh What a Night” hosted by Joe Budden at the Highline Ballroom on January 22! Other topics include: -Chris Paul wants smoke with the Clippers (37:06) -Offset getting Cardi B’s name tattooed on himself (45:46) -Chris Brown dropping ANOTHER joint project, is this helping or hurting his legacy (1:35:54) Sleeper picks of the week: Rory: Craig David (featuring GoldLink) “Live in the Moment” | Joe: THEY. “Africa” | Mal: Floda “Weak” | Ice: Albee Al, Arsonal and Fetty Wap “New Jersey Drive”

  • HALFCAST PODCAST: Chicken Shop Fears!

    Recently Giggs took offense to a comment made about UK Rappers not supporting grass roots platforms by black women. Was he right to be offended or does that statement hold some weight? But first, we discuss... '12 Fears Men Never Talk About'. #HalfcastPodcast @ChuckieOnline @Savage_Dan_ Guests: @DJSlickUK / @MaddersTiff Insta: HalfcastPod

  • Ebro in the Morning - Is Omarosa Now Invited To The BBQ? (Full Show 8-14-18)
    Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97

    Would you invite Omarosa to your BBQ?

  • The Recreation:
    Creepypasta Storytime

    Haven't heard from this classic for a long time! Let's check it out! Video!: Read along!: Aminooo!: & Check out my new BOOK! A collection of Creepypastas compiled by some of my all time favorite authors and friends. ► Volume 1: ► Volume 2: ► Comic Book: Visit the store! ►

  • 'SEA REX W/ STEVE ALTEN AND KEV BAKER' - August 16, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    As we watch a magnificent killing machine like the Megalodon in the new movie, The Meg, we can once again speculate about what we might be overlooking when we explore the various uncharted places in our world’s oceans. These mysterious aquatic creatures make you wonder if author H.P. Lovecraft was right about the alien titans that lurk in the cold depths of the sea. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with author of The Meg, Steve Alten and Scottish radio host, Kev Baker about SEA REX.

  • Ebro in the Morning - Nicki Minaj 'Queen' Reactions + Laura Has Words for Kanye (Full Show 8-13-18)
  • Podcast #196 - Jenna Tries Sports Trivia
    Jenna & Julien Podcast

    Right now get 90% off top name brand and designer clothes at and get an EXTRA 30% off your first order Sign up right now for theSkimm, and enter for your chance to win a $250 Visa gift card at Welcome to the Jenna & Julien Podcast where we talk about all the things. If you are looking for your everyday, normal, by the book podcast, then you're in the wrong place. We created this because we tend to have awesome, random, and sometimes drunk conversations that we realized had to be shared with the lovely internet world. So here we are. Subscribe to this channel for new podcasts EVERY MONDAY We are on iTunes: And SoundCloud: We're also live on Twitch every monday: You can follow us on all the things: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Jenna: IG: TW: YT: 2nd Chanel: Julien: IG: TW: YT:

  • #157 - Pesquisa Científica no Brasil
    Notícias e Política

    Em 2017, em função da Lei do Teto dos Gastos o Brasil cortou 44% do orçamento previsto para o Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovações e Comunicação (MCTIC): dos R$ 5,8 bilhões previstos para o setor, só R$ 3,4 bilhões foram liberados. Pra gente ter um parâmetro de comparação em 2010, o orçamento era de R$ 10 bilhões, quase três vezes mais do que o dinheiro disponível hoje. Um dos projetos de maior visibilidade, o Ciência Sem Fronteiras, que enviou 94 mil graduandos e pós-graduandos brasileiros para instituições de ponta no exterior, deixou de existir em 2017. Porque esse caldo entornou agora? Porque o Conselho Superior da Capes publicou uma nota na semana passada alertando sobre o risco de paralisação nas atividades e pedindo ao governo federal que impeça a redução nas verbas. O conselho afirma que a diminuição no orçamento vai causar descontinuação de 200 mil bolsas de pesquisa científica, interromper projetos de formação e programas de cooperação internacional, prejudicando a imagem do Brasil no exterior. Em São Paulo e no Rio de Janeiro, pesquisadores enfrentaram o tempo chuvoso e protestaram na Avenida Paulista e na Cinelândia, exigindo a revisão da medida. Nas redes sociais, hashtags como #existepesquisanobr e #minhapesquisacapes viralizaram, com cientistas compartilhando suas pesquisas e justificando a importância das bolsas para a manutenção dos trabalhos e também para a sobrevivência dos estudantes. Segundo análise da Fundação Getúlio Vargas, houve ao menos 124 mil menções ao tema no Twitter. Questionar o investimento público em pesquisa não é pauta só no Brasil, nos EUA tentaram cortar no ano passado o orçamento para ciência e tecnologia e os dois partidos (Republicano e Democrata) foram contra e aumentaram. A Alemanha também. Qual é a aposta desses países? É a visão de que é através do investimento em ciência que se supera crises. Com essas provocações vamos entender melhor o cenário do país para o desenvolvimento para a ciência, quais são os entraves, quais são os nossos erros e onde estamos conquistando significativos avanços. Para isso, reunimos na mesa hoje Altay Alves Lino de Souza, psicólogo com mestrado e doutorado pela USP; Naira Bonifácio, vice-presidenta da SciBr Foundation; Carlos Hotta, professor doutor do Departamento de Bioquímica do Instituto de Química da USP; e Vladimir Telles, professor na FGV com pós-doutorado em economia. Além disso, temos participações especiais de Heitor Machado, Ricardo Balistiero, Hugo Aguillano e Gabriela Sobral. Abre a mente e o coração e taca-lhe o play neste Mamilos! ======== FALE CONOSCO . Email: [email protected] . Facebook: aqui . Twitter: aqui ======== CONTRIBUA COM O MAMILOS Quem apoia o Mamilos ajuda a manter o podcast no ar e ainda recebe toda semana um apanhado das notícias mais quentes do jeito que só o Mamilos sabe fazer. É só R$9,90 por mês! Corre ler, quem assina tá recomendando pra todo mundo. ======== EQUIPE MAMILOS Edição - Caio Corraini Apoio a pauta - Jaqueline Costa e grande elenco Transcrição dos programas - Lu Machado e Mamilândia ======== CAPA A capa dessa semana foi feita por Zeca Bral*. ======== FAROL ACESO Altay: Livro "O Demônio do Meio-Dia" e programa "Miracle"; Hotta: cientistas Edward Wilson e Carl Sagan; Naira: Disco "Los Sebosos Postizos - Interpretam Jorge Ben Jor"; Vladimir: Documentário "A Segunda Guerra Mundial em Cores" e série "Seinfeld"; Ju: Série "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" e episódio da série "Explained" sobre K-Pop. *Sobre a capa: Ilustração sobre foto de uma das pioneiras da ciência no Brasil, a bióloga Bertha Luz, especialista em anfíbios e segunda mulher a se tornar funcionária pública no Brasil em 1919. Feminista, liderou a campanha pelo voto das mulheres, que só seria conquistado anos mais tarde. Além de atuar como professora por mais de 40 anos no Museu Nacional, no RJ, Bertha também foi deputada federal.

  • 2nd Date Update PODCAST: Am I Annoying
  • 'FATE AND ORACULUM W/ JASON QUITT' - August 07, 2018
    Ground Zero Media

    A quantum phenomenon called superposition is actually a way to explain how it is possible that we can actually be in two places at the same time witnessing past present and future time simultaneously. The thought of fate — the future being sealed and finite is obviously becoming less of a reality as we are now realizing that not all timelines can be confined to mere sands falling through an hour glass. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks with multi-dimensional time traveler and experiencer, Jason Quitt about FATE AND ORACULUM.