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  • DJ History Podcast #436 | Bill Brewster
    Bill Brewster

    Weekly podcast presented by Bill Brewster, wit, DJ, raconteur, idiot. Featuring a mixture of brand new dance music, mixed with classics of all styles, put together in Brewster's inimitably incompetent style. This week features new music from Edmondson, Darren Emerson, Tracey Thorn, Whatever/Whatever, Isley Brothers and loads more. EDMONDSON - PSG WOLFGANG TILLMANS - Fast Lane (Whatever/Whatever Mix) MOSES BOYD - The Balance DARREN EMERSON - Brooklyn BREKY - Spaced Out TRACEY THORN - Sister ISLEY BROTHERS - Who's That Lady (The Reflex Revision)

  • Yvonne Elliman - If I Can't Have You (Digital Visions 2015 Re-Edit) *For Promotional Use Only*
    Digital Visions ReEdits 2

    For anyone who had been purchasing my mixes via Legitmix...I am now offering my tracks for FREE via email by request. I do ask for a voluntary Donation to allow me to upgrade my tools and purchase new tracks to edit. If you are interested please contact me.... EMAIL: [email protected] FACEBOOK: PLEASE visit my new website for more info about me and my info regarding my Sunday afternoon LiveStreams: My goal for Digital Visions is to offer respectful remixes and re-edits of classic dance tracks to working DJ's worldwide. This is my 4th edit of this song...which is one of my very favorite 70's tracks and one of the most difficult to cleanly mix within a set. My previous edits attempted to make the song more DJ Friendly but tended to be more ambitious regarding the effects and rhythm track. This time I started work with the clear purpose of not only making it DJ Friendly but also attempt to keep the song as original as possible with limited effects, similar to my extremely popular "Dancing Queen" edit. I feel I accomplished my goal...hopefully you guys will feel the same. ....Enjoy! Edit Info: Time: 5:38 BPM: 110 Intro: 32/32 Beats Outro: 16/32 Beats End: Cold As always feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think. Criticisms are welcomed....provided it is of the constructive variety. BTW....Please Click LIKE or COMMENT if you decide to DL the track.....THANKS!! PLEASE visit my new website for more info about me and my info regarding my Sunday afternoon LiveStreams: Also, you can now buy some of most popular mixes at:…yG-Digital-Visions Please visit my other SC accounts for additional mixes: @digital-visions-pop-rock @dj_freddyg @digital-visions-remix @digital-visions-mixtapes Please Follow me on FB: Visit my YouTube page for full length classic dance mixes:

  • F e l a K u t i - N i g e r i a n G r o o v e (Dolemite Afro Funk Mix)
    Disco Police

    Jamwax Crew REWAXING RARE JAMS - A selection of best HARD-FUNK FIRED MIXES..... Regrooved and Re-Rubbed for the FLOOR REWAXED Secret Weapon Tracks, rarities and hard to get rare-grooves, restored & remastered. This is a special mixes series contains Re-edits, funk, Disco and others Boogie shits ! EBONY CUTS rare disco, soul & funk, old school and boogie breaks from the funky disco underground 1975 ... 1980 Featuring undiscovered discofunk gems, forgotten modern soul anthems, earliest oldschool rap and exclusive re-edits - spiced up with a gentle touch of turntablism. ... Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jazz funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and ...

  • "Theodora's Odyssey" [mix pour / SNTLS]
    L'Impératrice ♕
    82,595 Theodora was one of the most influential and powerful empresses of the Byzantine empire. She was a great dancer, as a dirty courtesan! This mixtape makes you travel across the Bysantine's story of decadence with it's most iconic woman... Tracklist : Vakula & Dusty Baron, "Follow Shot" (a dig by @La Mamie's) Haruomi Hosono, "Day Break" 78 Edits, "Please Stay" Ed wizard & Disco Double Dee, "Summer Love" Blackoy, "Djomani" Sleazy McQueen & Romano Arcaini, "Peace, Love & Harmony" J Kriv & the Disco Machine, "Make it Hot" Kid Creole & the Coconuts, "My Male Curiosity [The Reflex Revision] Artwork :

  • chikh nano hichem smati - En LiVe (2014-NoV-24) - rani mobiliser - aLbuM 2015 BY HaDj BeLaBiD
    HaDj BeLaBiD ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

    Mon Compte Facebook: Mon PàGe De FàCeBoOk: TwiTteR: soundcloud: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Cheb nadir 2015 - Achkak Galbi Ana jami nakhalik Avec Amine La Colomb Cheb Nadir Avec Amine La Colombe 2015 - Walit Mwaswas By HaDj BeLaBiD Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (Español) Ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona BY HàDj BeLaBiD La dance ey ey way way stick tick رقصة أي أي واي واي الستيك تيك الحلوة - اضيت لاثمضلاهي Kader Japoni 2014 Nti Baghya Cheb Hakim 2014 Nadron El Baida Cheb Hakim 2014 Nadron El Baida Cheb Hakim 2014 Nadron El Baida Cheb Hakim 2014Ntia Khalata Cheb Hakim 2014Ntia Khalata Amine Wahrani 2014 - Howa Li Provocani Cheb Djalil 2014 Aklia Extasy , Cheb Mourad 2014 Baye Baye ,Cheb Mourad 2014 Baye Baye Cheba Sara Hadou Malhom ,Cheba Sara Hadou Malhom Cheba Sara 2014 3toh Pia , Cheba Sara 2014 3toh Pia Mustapha omguil 2014 , Mustapha omguil 2014, Mustapha omguil 2014 , Mustapha omguil 2014 Cheb Rayan 2014 Nabghik Nabghik . Cheb Rayan 2014 Nabghik Nabghik Cheb Rayan 2014 Loubna , Cheb Rayan 2014 Loubna Daoudi 2014 , Daoudia 2014 , Stati 2014 , Statia 2014 , Hadjib 2014 , Tahour 2014, Said Sanhaji 2014 , El Haja El Hamdaouia 2014 , Najat 3tabou 2014 ,Chha3bi 2014 , Chaabi 2014 , Mustapha Bourgoun 2014, El Haj AbdelMoughit 2014 , Said Senhaji 2014 , Hamid El Mardi 2014 , Bouchaib Ziani 2014 ,Aziz Boualam 2014,Said Oueld El Houate 2014 , Mustapha Bourgogne 2014 ,Abidat Rma 2014 , Kamal El Abdi 2014 , Khadija El Bidaouia 2014 , Khalid Bennani 2014 , Omar Chrif 2014 , Bouchaib Doukkali,Site officiel de Chaabi , Cha3bi , Chaabi , Chansons gratuites de Chaabi Marocaine gratuit , album de Cha3bi , video clip de Cha3bi , Nouveautés de Chaabi Marocain News , download free mp3 , Paroles de Chaabi , ecouter Chaabi , FaceBook Chaabi , in mediafire Chaabi gratuitement , Telecharger mp3 Chaabi , Skyblog Chaabi , l'album complet du chanteur Chaabi - Cha3bi , Mustapha El Mils 2014 , El Miloudia 2014 , El Alami 2014 ,Abderrahim El Meskini 2014 , Khalid El Aouni 2014 ,Jalal El Hamdaoui 2014 , Nabila 2014 ,Najat Aatabou 2014 ,Abdelaziz Stati 2014 ,Rai Marocaine , Rai Marocaine , Rai Marocaine , Chansons gratuites de Rai Marocaine Rai Marocain gratuit , album de Rai Marocain , video clip de Rai Marocain , Nouveautés de Rai Marocain News , download free mp3 , Paroles de Rai Marocaine , ecouter Ray Marocain , FaceBook Ray Marocaine , in mediafire Rai Marocaine gratuitement , Telecharger mp3 Rai Marocain , Skyblog Rai Marocaine , l'album complet du chanteur Rai Marocain 2014,Adil El Miloudi 2014 , Cheb Hindi 2014 ,Adilo Tazi 2014 , Cheb Douzi 2014 , Cheb Rayan 2014 , Mouss Maher 2014 , Cheb Lahbitri 2014 , Rachid Kasmi 2014 , Bilal Marocain 2014 , Cheb Rachid 2014, Cheba Maria 2014 , Cheba Awatif 2014 , Cheb Ounounou 2014 ,Cheb Amrou 2014 , El Khouzaimi 2014 , Fares Ray 2014 , Cheb El Omari 2014 , Cheb Hindi 2014 , Said Mosker 2014 , Mimoun El Oujdi 2014 , Said Rami 2014 , Rai Algerien , Rai Algerienne , Chansons gratuites de Rai Algerien gratuit , album de Rai Algerien , video clip de Rai Algerien , Nouveautés de Rai Algerien News , download free mp3 , Paroles de Ray Algerien , ecouter Rai Algerien , FaceBook Rai Algerien , in mediafire Rai Algerien gratuitement , Telecharger mp3 Rai Algerien , Skyblog Rai Algerien , l'album complet du chanteur Rai Algerien 2014 , Cheb Bilal 2014 , Cheb Akil 2014 , Kader Japoni 2014 , Babylone 2014 , Cheb Mami 2014 , Cheba Zahouania 2014 , Cheb Nasro 2014 , Reda Taliani 2014 , Cheb Khaled 2014 , Cheb Houssem 2014 , Cheb Adjel 2014 , Cheikh Nani 2014 , Cheb Tayeb 2014 , Cheb Hasni 2014 , Cheba Kheira 2014 , Cheb Azzedine 2014 , Cheba Djenet 2014 , Live 2014 , Cheb Faycal 2014 , Amazigh , Chleuh , Amazigh , Chansons gratuites de Amazigh Cleuh Atlas gratuit , album de Chalha , video clip de Amazigh , Nouveautés de Amazigh News , download free mp3 , Paroles de Amazigh , ecouter Amazigh , FaceBook Amazigh , in mediafire Amazigh gratuitement , Telecharger mp3 Amazigh , Skyblog Amazigh , l'album complet du chanteur Amazigh - Chleuh 2014 ,Ahouzar 2014 , Mustapha Oumguil 2014 , Oudaden 2014 , Moulay Ahmed El Hassani 2014 , Houssa 46 2014 , Mohamed Rouicha 2014 , Ahmed Allah Rouicha 2014 , Abdelaziz Ahouzar 2014 , Ahouzar 2013 ,Omar Boutmazought 2014 ,Houssa Ahbbar 2014 , Khadija 2014 , Chebli 2014,Abdelmoula 2014 , Abdelkader Wayway 2014 , Rabeh Mariwari 2014 , Rif , Rifia , Chansons gratuites de Rifia gratuit , album de Rifia , video clip de Rifia , Nouveautés de Rifia News , download free mp3 , Paroles de Rifia , ecouter Rifia , FaceBook Rifia , in mediafire Rifia gratuitement , Telecharger mp3 Rifia , Skyblog Rifia , l'album complet du chanteur Rif 2014, Album BASTA 2013

  • Satin Jackets - Night Keys
    Eskimo Recordings
    Nu Disco

    Out now! Buy here: iTunes Beatport Juno Support from Boris Dlugosch, The Aston Shuffle, Tensnake, Zimmer, Pete Herbert… 2013 has been a huge year for Satin Jackets, one of Germany’s most notable indie dance protagonists. Satin Jackets and Sydney based singer KLP have joined forces on this one. They met in Berlin and performed together at Oval Space in London, this first collaboration was their logical next step. ‘For Days’ has that lush production that has characterized Satin Jackets for quite some time now. Exquisite harmonies combined with the dreamy vocals from KLP define this cutting edge indie dance gem that has masterful melodies and stripped-back ambience throughout. The release is topped off by the laid back slo-mo vintage burner ‘Night Keys’ to put you into that late-night cruising mood. Following the very well-received ‘You Make Me Feel Good’ and ‘Olivia’ (taken from The Pink Collection), ‘For Days’ marks the third Satin Jackets release on Eskimo this year. TRACKLIST 1. Satin Jackets feat. KLP - For Days (Original Mix) 2. Satin Jackets feat. KLP - For Days (Instrumental Mix) 3. Satin Jackets - Night Keys (Original Mix)

  • イェア!
    Aritus 🌸
    Future Funk

    Hey guys! I wanted to say thank you to everyone for giving me kind words when I really felt really upset a couple days ago. Your support means the world to me <3 I'll be continuing to make music because it has made me so joyful especially because I've gotten to meet so many great people. Enjoy~ UPDATE: 10/27/15 I MADE IT SOUND FATTER ENJOY MY PRETTIES Sample: Homegrown Syndrome - Confrontation - Future Society - @futuresocietycollective

  • Say You (feat. Kids At Midnight)
    Satin Jackets

    Available on Vinyl / CD / Download / Stream here : Undoubtedly the darlings of electro-pop, Satin Jackets finally unveil their debut artist album. ‘Panorama Pacifico’ features a string of cameos from vocalists familiar and exotic, jetting in from LA, Berlin, London, Belgium and Australia. Scaling the heights of the Hype machine from their first release to the latest, and clocking up over ten million plays on spotify, Satin Jackets' original brand of diva funk and smooth disco has whetted the tastebuds of the likes of Majestic Casual and i-D mag who said the duo’s “super sexy, infectious house music is filled with the vibe of summertime.” German music producer Tim Bernhardt and lead performer Den Ishu are Satin Jackets. Their eponymous live show has relentlessly toured the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe, opening their fluid pop appeal and accessible four-to-the-floor groove up to the world at large. Their album ‘Panorama Pacifico’ is set for release on their home label, Eskimo Recordings. The Belgian imprint has been a purveyor of disco, house and everything in between for over fifteen years. More info Out April 8th on

  • Juloboy - Spirit Soul Label Showcase 257
    Spirit Soul Mixes & Free Downloads
    Nu-Disco & Disco & Deep

    Juloboy - Spirit Soul Label Showcase 257 ****************************************************** Juloboy feat. Cassie Wylde - Higher Ariana Grande - Touch It (Slipenberg Remix)(FREE DOWNLOAD) Ariana Grande - Touch It (Slipenberg Remix) Ariana Grande - Touch It Ariana Grande Touch It Slipenberg Dream Dream Disco Nu Disco Deep Disco Spotify Juloboy feat. Cassie Wylde - Higher + Delarox Remix Juloboy feat. Cassie Wylde - Higher + Delarox Juloboy feat. Cassie Wylde - Higher Juloboy feat. Cassie Juloboy Cassie Wylde Higher Delarox Beatport Disco Nu-Disco iTunes Spotify Spirit Soul Spirit Soul Records Ibiza Las Vegas LA Los Angeles Miami Amsterdam London Festival Garage UK House Exclusive Traxsource Promo SSR124 Juloboy feat. Cassie Wylde - Higher Delarox SSR124 WEB SSR124 WEB ENSLAVE Juloboy feat Cassie Wylde-Higher-(SSR124)-WEB-2017-ENSLAVE Juloboy feat Cassie Wylde-Higher-(SSR124)-WEB-2017 Juloboy feat Cassie Wylde-Higher-(SSR124)-WEB Juloboy feat Cassie Wylde-Higher-(SSR124) Zippyshare Novafile VIP FTP Free Montly Free Arka Loving You SSR125 WEB 2017 CBR Arka Loving You SSR125 WEB 2017 ENSLAVE

  • The Jacksons - Can You Feel It (Digital Visions Re-Edit) *For Promotional Use Only*
    Digital Visions ReEdits 3

    For anyone who had been purchasing my mixes via Legitmix...I am now offering my tracks for FREE via email by request. I do ask for a voluntary Donation to allow me to upgrade my tools and purchase new tracks to edit. If you are interested please contact me.... EMAIL: [email protected] FACEBOOK: PLEASE visit my website for more info about me and my info regarding my Sunday afternoon LiveStreams: My goal for Digital Visions is to offer respectful remixes and re-edits of classic dance tracks to working DJ's worldwide. One of the great tracks from The Jackson's amazing album Triumph". Been working on this simple edit for awhile and finally got around to finishing it. Hope you guys enjoy it! Edit Info: Time: 6:58 BPM: 126 Intro: 32/32/32 Beats Outro: 32/32 Beats End: Cold As always feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think. Criticisms are welcomed....provided it is of the constructive variety. BTW....Please Click LIKE or COMMENT if you decide to DL the track.....THANKS!! Please visit my other SC accounts for additional mixes: @digital-visions-pop-rock @dj_freddyg @digital-visions @digital-visions-mixtapes Please LIKE my FB page: Visit my YouTube page for full length classic dance mixes:

  • 5 Reasons - Night Drive In Moscow (feat. Patrick Baker) (Satin Jackets Remix)
    Shiny Disco Club
    Nu Disco

    Available now on Beatport, Itunes, Amazon... Stanislav Lukoyanov, aka 5 Reasons, is a 16 year old Russian producer from Moscow. He first made hip hop instrumentals for independent artists before turning towards nu-disco in 2012. In his search for a new inspiration, he looked into his father's record collection and started composing his own disco tunes. After releasing several tracks on various labels, he is now presenting his latest production "Night Drive In Moscow". This time, 5 Reasons created a very unique atmosphere by mixing mysterious vibes with a real disco feel. The vocals by the talented American singer Patrick Baker add the final touch to this remarkable piece. The release also includes two remixes: one by the very promising Mexican producer Bronx, and the other by a major artist of the nu-disco scene, Satin Jackets. Out April 8th on Shiny Disco Club

  • L'Equipe du Son - Lesson 1 Original Mix
    Silhouette Music

    Lesson 1 is already the third single of L’Equipe du Son’s forthcoming debut album ‘Supersonic’. After the success of ‘Love Will Find A Way’ LEDS come with an educational piece, ‘Lesson 1 (French for romantic purposes)’. The original version is a mixture between disco-mood sounds and breathy pop, deeply influenced by the synthesizer sounds of the 70s and 80s. The first remix comes from The Legendary 1979 Orchestra and with carefully crafted swirling bells and warm synthlines the TL1979O remix has actually continued in the style of the original. Hailing from Melbourne’s Inner-West it’s Silhouette Music regular Yasumo providing an entirely new approach. A perfect blend of guitars and, well, pure funk! Rayko has an impressive portfolio of releases under his belt and has an almost insatiable thirst for editing both classics and lost gems in his distinctive and infectious style. This remix is only a confirmation of this, noticeable from the moment you hear the first bass key, it’s disco baby!

  • A r c h i e B e l l - L e t ' s G r o o v e (Pied Piper Jazzed Up Redux)
    Disco Police
    Deep House

    Acetetes / Edits / Bootplates / Mixes / Remixes / Waxes / Splices / Chops / Dubs / Breaks The Architects of the Good Groove REGROOVING SOULFUL JAMS - A selection of best PHILLY SALSOUL DISCO MIXES..... Regrooved and Re-Rubbed for the FLOOR A FINE CLUB Tuned SELECTION OF 100% PURE 12 INCH DJ FRIENDLY MIXES & FINE COMPILED SELECTION OF Secret Weapon Tracks: NYC Underground Disco Anthems & Salsoul Staples: Future heavy plays everywhere; with its creeping bassline, majestic brass, strings, keys and chilling vocals, ... Cut to Groove Mixed at JAMWAX

  • Yumi Rose - Im Done (drinking Alone)
    Future Society
    Yumi Rose

    New EP from the unique and wonderful, Yumi Rose! We hope you enjoy the lovely music! Thank you Yumi Rose, we love you. <3 - Yumi Rose - @iamyumirose - Future Society - @futuresocietycollective

  • The NDYD Radio Show EP151 - Special Guest mix by DR PACKER - Australia
    The NDYD Show

    UPDATE: Dr Packer (@dr-packer) has just been named number 1 NuDisco artist for 2017 by Traxsource (@traxsource)!! Congratulation from all of us at NDYD. Well deserved! Check it out at : UPDATE 2: The Dr has also been named number 4 in all genres for 2017! Wow! What an amazing year for him and we have him here exclusively! Originally aired December 11, 2017 on The tracklist is posted at the bottom of the description. Welcome to very special episode of the NDYD Radio Show by non other than Dr Packer (@dr-packer) The official bio: Dr Packer is an alias for a well known drum & bass producer from Australia set up for all things 'Non' drum & bass related (remixes , bootlegs , reworks & re-edits) of mainly retro styles of music such as 'Disco , Funk , Soul & Reggae. My version of his bio: Dr Packer is wayyyy more than that. He is an inspiration for all of us who love and play edits (especially the housey disco kind). If you've been living under a rock for the last two years than you probably did not know that Dr Packer has blown up in a nuclear way into the scene. Besides his killers edits, his nuanced reworking skills have been called upon by the likes of Defected, Joey Negro's Z Records and lauded by DJs as diverse as Glenn Underground, Tony Humphries, Moodymanc, CJ Mackintosh, ATFC, Julius Papp and Kiko Navarro to name but a few. He has been touring all over Europe and has landed headlining gigs in Ibiza for Glitterbox. This is the Dr's second appearance on the NDYD Radio Show and we are honored that he took the time to do a second exclusive mix for us even if he is busier than ever. He is a scholar and gentlemen no doubt. Check out the Dr's EP76 which is one of our top rated show ever: Please give Dr Packer some love on: Soundcloud: @dr-packer Facebook: Bandcamp: Traxsource: Juno: Catch the show live on at these world times -GMT(London) Mondays 11pm -PST (Los Angeles) Mondays 3pm -EST (New York) Mondays 6pm -SGT (Singapore) Tuesdays 7am -AEST (Sydney) Tuesdays 10am Tracklist for EP-151 mixed by special guest Dr Packer 01- Booker Newberry III – Love Town [Dr Packer Rework] 02- Brass Destruction – Gotta Do It [V’s Edit] 03- Aeroplane – Love On Hold [Birdee Remix] 04- Ultra Nate – New Kind Of Medicine [Dr Packer Rework] 05- Tony Rallo – Holding On [Derek Kaye Rework] 06- Moon Rocket , Re-Tide & Bel-Ami – Mosquito’s Tweeter (Funkatron Rewmix) 07- Harvey Mason – Groovin’ You [Dr Packer Rework] 08- The O’Jays – Put Our Heads Together [Dr Packer Rework] 09- David Joseph – Can’t Hide Your Love [Dr Packer Edit] 10- Seamus Haji – Xmas Wrapping 11- Shirley Lites – Heat You Up [Dr Packer Rework] 12- Re-Tide – Piano Lover

  • Dj XS - 70'S 80's Funk Mix - 70s & 80s Funky Vibes Mixtape
    DjXS Edits
    funk mix

    80s Funk Mix Tracklistings 1. Fiesta - 80s Casual 2. Tuxedo - So Good 3. Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Operator 4. Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long (All NIght long Re-Imagined) 5. Fat Larry´s Band - Act Like You Know (Fede Garcia Re-Edit) 6. Get Down Edits - High Hopes (Daz's Rework) 7. The Mac Band - Roses Are Red (80s Child Mac Band Jam) 8. Luther Vandross - Never Too Much 9. Dan Solo - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll 11. Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band - Taste The Groove (Hot Toddy Remix) 11. Joe Coleman - Get It Off The Ground (Olivier Boogie Edit) 12. Kool & The Gang - Fresh 13. Cameo - Word Up 14. Chaka Khan - I Feel For You 15. Grandmaster Flash - White Lines 16. Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul (Bobby Cooper Re-Edit) 17. Edwin Starr Vs Mr President - Twenty Five Miles From Happiness (M.N.I.N) 18. Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus 19. Erik Rug, Dynamax (Of the Zulu Nation) - Tribute Extended Disco Mix) 20. France Joli - Gonna Get Over You (BriaK DJ Re-Edit) 21. MFSB - Love Is The message (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)

  • J a c k s o n s - S h a k e Y o u r B o d y (Dr Funkenstein Nu - Disco Red Herring Regroove)

    From the Architects of the Good Groove & Solid Jammage A FINE CLUB SELECTION OF 100% PURE SELECTED AND DUG FROM THE CRATES OF DR FUNK Specially Reconstructed / Deconstructed / Remade / Remixed / Regrooved Mixes A COMPILATION OF 12 INCH Secret Weapon Tracks:

  • DiscoDaze #31 - Radio Show On Open Tempo FM, 16.02.18

    DiscoDaze show broadcasted on Open Tempo FM on Friday 16th February, 2018. Tracklisting 1. C. Da Afro -The Secret Room 2. Kellini - One Decision From Disaster 3. Ewan Hoozami Feat. Audible One - Freedom (Fingerman Remix) 4. Situation Feat. Andre Espeut - Kiss The Sky (Stephen Richards Remix) (Forthcoming - Situationism) 5. Woodhead - So Devine Classic Daze 6. Gino Soccio - Dancer 7. Anita Ward - Ring My Bell 8. Foxy - Get Off 9. Bas Roos & Guy Steve - Piece Of Soul 10. Chuggin Edits - Windy 11. Dan Shake - Wake, Bake & Shake 12. Tiger & Woods - Chilli Dip 13. Get Down Edits - Makes You Fly (Original Mix) Featured Slot 14. Koji Ono - Inner Rhythms 15. Koji Ono - So High 16. Mass Connection - Wait Too Long (Original Mix) 17. J&M Brothers & Vicmoren - Kisses In The Night 18. Pete Herbert - Expresso (Yam Who? Remix) 19. Phone D - Pink Champagne 20. Mannix - Looking Ahead

  • Deep&Disco - Feel The Rhythm

    This previously vinyl-only release is available now in digital format at these fine retailers: Juno: Traxsource: Beatport: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Dimitri from Paris - Sweet little edits. Ron Basejam (Crazy P) - Solid edits, will be playing. Thanks! Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) - Lovely edits, well produced and expertly put together. Good luck with the label chaps ;-) Rocco Raimundo - I wish my name was actually DJ Snazzy Pants. Killer EP dudes, both are mighty delicious. Andy Ash - Great disco edits here! Drop Out Orchestra - Both of these sound great! Will play. Pete Herbert - Hot Stufff!!! Digging them both Guy (Sleazy Beats, Monsieur Monod) - What a delightful debut for your new label. Feel The Rhythm is an irresistable boogie groover. We'll be playing these puppies all over the place! All the best with the release and label. Cole Medina (Licorice Delight) - Nice one! Justin Miller (DFA) - Amazing first release right out the gate. Rayko (Rare Wiri) - Very cool release mates! ;) Sleazy McQueen (Whisky Disco) - Dig it, man! Dead Rose Music Co. (Taikomochi Records) - Sweet Edits from J. Onur Engin (OE Edits) - Nice one! I'll definitely support this. The Glue (Kolour) - Great edits both of them, we will keep an eye out for more stuff from you guys for sure! Leftside Wobble (Futureboogie) - A pair of filtered boogie beauties. Dave Allison (Editorial) - Well , here we have D&D doin' it right once more.. solid! Feel the rhythm has the right amount of tough funk, crispy drums and disco goodness. Nice debut from Razor & Tape, slice it up baby! Alkalino (Much Love) - Like both, but "Feel the Rhythm" is my fav.cheers! Matthew Bandy (Z Records) - Solid edits here, will be getting support on both from me. Cheers. Sell by Dave (Bedmo Disco, Juno Plus) - Excellent first release lads - enjoying both tracks. The edits scene needs some fresh cuts/styles, and you've delivered on these. Major props - can see both getting plenty of plays in Bedmo Disco sets this summer x Daz (Get Down Edits) - So Tight never fails but this is my first time hearing Feel The Rhythm & cant wait to play it out its sounds excellent, have a gig @ Disco Deviance this sat & cant wait to play these at it :) Mike W (Kolour Recordings) - Been looking forward to RNT001 and it does not disappoint one bit! edits that drip with funk & soul .. just like they should. got a nice batch of gigs in the pipes and these will definitely be seeing their way into my rotation as well as the full gambit of chart support! cheers j. kriv & aaron dae .. got yourselves off to a nice & tidy start .. best of returns to ya! Nelue (Groove Democracy) - Both sound great!

  • Tasteful House - Day & Night (Original Mix)(FREE DOWNLOAD)
    Spirit Soul Records
    Tasteful House - Day & Night (Original M