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  • relaxdaily N°084 - Relaxing Instrumental Music – studying, relaxing, spa
    relaxing music

    A calm and relaxing instrumental music piece. Perfect e.g. for your studying, relaxing or spa playlist. For you if you enjoy a calm and smooth relaxdaily tune. Power to you, Michael (relaxdaily) Artist: relaxdaily Title: N°084 ►►► This track is also part of my "Deep Focus" playlists here on Soundcloud: ► Watch my simple nature video and all other relaxdaily music videos on my website: more on: music and video © 2014 relaxdaily ***thank you for supporting the music you love!

  • Airstream - Electra - The Most Chillout Tune Ever 2
    Joe Med 1

    According to a research, it is the second most relaxing tune ever, just behind Marconi Union - Weightless. However, this may be more relaxing for some people. More Pieces At ps: I DON'T OWE ANY OF THIS MUSIC TRACKS (NEITHER THE PLAYLIST OR THIS TRACK)

  • Mario M - Recline

    I hope you had a great year and may the next one be even better :)

  • Dream Surf: Ocean Waves for Relaxation (Sounds of Nature)
    INSPIRION (Healing & Relaxation Music)
    New Age

    Buy & Support Us ($1):

  • Alicks - Giants Under The Sea

    Download: AMG Records present "Sleeping On The High Seas EP" by Alicks. Artist is becoming more popular in some circles, it's all because he always creates a wonderful music that makes enjoy listening. Hope that one day you will become a great person in the music industry. Alicks Oneira Released by AmbientMusicalGenre Artwork by Hangmoon

  • LONG Playlist of Relaxing Soft Piano Music to Sleep and Study
    Pixeladed Le
  • Inspirational Cinematic Ambient - Emotional Piano Background Music Instrumental (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    Background Music

    Inspirational Cinematic Ambient - (FREE DOWNLOAD) beautiful and emotional piano instrumental background music for YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, films, cinematic scenes, for social networks etc. ►More Background Music Free Download: - Music For Videos - - Music For Films - - Music For Documentaries - - Music For Presentations - --------------- P.S. for download click button "More", which is above, near the buttons "Liked" and "Share". DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY !!!))) --------------- ► Subscribe For More: -------------- More similar music tracks HERE: - EMOTIONAL MUSIC - - INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC - - AMBIENT MUSIC - - PIANO MUSIC - - CINEMATIC MUSIC - - ORCHESTRAL MUSIC - -------------- ► About Music Track: Inspirational Cinematic Ambient - is a beautiful and emotional piano instrumental background music for videos, films, documentaries, cinematic scenes, websites, social networks, podcasts, TV and radio shows, for YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Music very good technical and aesthetic quality. --------------- ► Stream, Buy and Download music by AShamaluevMusic HERE: ● iTunes/Apple: ● Google Play: ● Amazon: ● Deezer: ● Spotify: --------------- ► My Website: --------------- ► Follow my on: ● YouTube - ● Facebook - ● SoundCloud - ● Twitter - ● Instagram - ● VK - ● Google Plus - --------------- FAQ: ► Can I use this music in my videos? - Sure! You can use this track in your video for FREE, but without the ability to monetize your videos. --------------------- ► Does this music track have copyright? - Yes, this track has copyrights, but you can still use this music track in your video, but without the possibility of monetizing and earning income for Youtube. --------------------- ► Where can I get a license? - This track is not available for licensing. If you want to include monetization in your favor, this is not possible, you can not disable monetization. --------------------- ► I received a claim for copyright infringement, What should I do? - You need to relax, there is nothing to worry about. There's nothing to worry about, you can use my tracks in your videos for FREE, but without the ability to monetize them on YouTube. Your videos will feel good, they will not be imposed any restrictions (except for monetization). I do not delete videos that use my music without a license, your video is safe. --------------------- ► How to credit you in my video? - You can indicate so (Copy & Paste): Music Info: Inspirational Cinematic Ambient by AShamaluevMusic. Music Link: (Paste Link) If you have any problems or questions, you can write in the comments or contact me: --------------- ► What you can find here: Background Music, Instrumental Music, Background Music For Videos, Background Music For Films, Background Music For Documentaries, Inspirational Background Music, Emotional Background Music, Cinematic Background Music, Orchestral Background Music, Cinematic Music, Inspirational Music, Emotional Music, Ambient Music, Orchestral Music, Piano Music, --------------- Stay tuned as more tracks will be released in the coming weeks and months. Do not forget: Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks For Listening!

  • Sound Healing Meditation Music, Delta Waves
    ॐ Love ॐ
    Sound Healing Meditation

    Brain Sync - Sound Healing

  • 3 - Gopala ... Relaxing Music ... Music for meditation
    Relax-Meditation Music :)
    Relaxing music

    Album: Relax meditation Like swans, drinking only pure nectar of blossoming lotus, the liberated souls drink only from the spring of transcendental love. Mantra meditation is the door to another world, the world of pure love, harmony and true happiness. This world is not a geographical place, it’s a state of consciousness. No need to try to get there by your own strength, you can travel on a safe ship of ancient mantras.

  • Rock A Bye Baby - Super Soothing And Relaxing Sleep Music For Babies - Free Download
    Wonderful Lullabies

    "Rockabye Baby" arranged and produced by "Wonderful Lullabies" is a super-soothing lullaby composition intended to put your babies/kids or even yourself to a deep and relaxing sleep. You may download it for free in order to make your own lullaby CD/MP3 compilation or watch my lullaby-videos on Youtube featuring wonderful child-oriented video animations: I always try to produce my lullabies as soft in tone and as soothing as possible. In my opinion, the lack of harsh tones and odd frequencies are key to a calming and relaxing experience and eventually a good night's sleep. Enjoy and please like/repost/subscribe :-) Thanks for your support!

  • Relaxing Music - Meditation, Inspiration, Focus - relaxdaily N°041

    Listen to a positive background instumental. Relaxing music to slow down, chill, for meditation, yoga or just be. In today's fast and loud environment it can be a healthy habit to slow down for a few minutes daily. Let this music be your soundtrack. While this slow instrumental with piano and guitar can be your perfect relaxation music, it also should work as study music, music at work, office music, spa music and music for videos. This track can enhance your creativity, thinking and concentration. Use it wisely ;) Hope you enjoy my creation, Have a good time, Michael (relaxdaily) >>> The CD 'Season 1' is available exclusively via my CD shop: Please visit and share my website: Visit my YouTube channel for playlists and more music: © 2012 relaxdaily - Michael Fesser. All rights reserved.

  • "Bliss" Delta Sleep Meditation

    “Bliss” is an evolving soundscape for meditation, made with the sole intention of deeply relaxing the listener. The frequencies used stimulate your brain’s neurons to fire off in the brainwave pattern known as Delta, at 0.5 - 3 Hz, which is associated with deep relaxation and dreamless sleep. Listen to this audio using stereo headphones, while sitting or lying down to get the best results. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Enjoy your free download!

  • Sound of Rain

    Sleep better and relax with the sound of rain.

  • Sleep
    C. Scott Blevins / hyperstory

    I made this to help me fall asleep. Seems to work.

  • Calming and Relaxing Music for Anxiety, Panic & Stress Meditation, Yoga "Seventh Heaven" Jon Brooks
    Jon Brooks Composer

    Add this relaxing and calming new age music to your music collection and allow yourself some time to slow down; reduce stress and anxiety with this soothing, relaxing music. Ideal for background music in a clinic. Website: YouTube channel: Facebook: Twitter: CD Baby: SoundCloud: "Seventh Heaven" is ideal for Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki Healing, Massage, Reflexology, and other relaxation techniques. It is highly effective at inducing sleep and can be used as a way to help your brain get into a meditative state. The slow tempo and musical structure encourages the heart rate and breathing to slow down. This calming music is even more effective if you can listen with headphones on. Use "Seventh Heaven" to help you combat negativity and a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms and sensations. Available for download here: iTunes: CD Baby: "Seventh Heaven" on YouTube: Jon Brooks YouTube channel: Whether you are suffering from crippling Generalized Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Panic Attacks, Depression, Adrenal Fatigue, PTSD, Agoraphobia or an Energy Disorder, you can take back control of your physical and emotional wellbeing; be kind to yourself. Give your sympathetic nervous system a break… your adrenal gland, hypothalamus and amygdala will thank you for it! This music was specifically composed and produced for empaths, highly sensitive people and those with a high emotional intelligence, to help find the inner strength to battle through difficult and traumatic situations. Thousands of people have enjoyed and psychologically benefitted from "Seventh Heaven". Make sure you experience the whole music track. (It's a good idea to turn off your phone so you're not distracted). Sit down (or lie down), close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on this beautiful music for five minutes to clear your mind. Boost your mental health, be who you want to be, promote inner peace and heal your soul. Enjoy! UPC/EAN No: 887516093326 Also available on iTunes and CD Baby. "Seventh Heaven" (© Jon Brooks) SEVENTH HEAVEN TESTIMONIALS:: "I love it! Thank you so much. I was out of control earlier and on the edge of self-halming. I feel so much more calm. Thanks! xx :)" "Thank you. I suffer from really bad panic attacks and this actually helped me today. Thank you." "i have a big exam now. and my mom just don't get it. i'm tired stress and about to blew up, this song helps me relax :)" "This just really helped me out a lot thank you so much i was about to have the "attack" and this just took my anxiety away much thanks given have a great holiday" "this just helped me with some non-stop belching i've had for almost a year now…..every time i play this it stops but every time i stop playing it it comes back :-( but nevertheless at least i found a temporary way to briefly stop it thanks :-)" "Helps me relax when i'm overwhelmed with school. Thank you very much." "Beautifully done! This piece has really helped calm me down from stressful family today. Thank you." "I recently got some nasty online hate and I have quite a bit of homework…… This seriously helped me to relax. Thank you. :)" "This is great. i've an exam in two hours time and i'm very nervous. just playing this soothes me down a lot. thanks ((:"

  • N U A G E S - Dreams
    Chill Music

    S/o Nuages.

  • Instrumental Background Music - relax, ambient, beautiful music - France - relaxdaily N°069

    Beautiful instrumental background music. relaxdaily N°069: instrumental background music (relax, ambient, beautiful) featuring coast area views around Saint-Coulomb in Brittany (Brittagne), France. ► This tune is also part of my CD 'Season 2' - available exclusively here: track info: artist: relaxdaily title: N°069 Have a great time, Michael (relaxdaily musician & video creator) Are you into long music playlists? Try one of these: Download relaxdaily music on iTunes: music and video by relaxdaily © 2013, relaxdaily, Michael Fesser

  • Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Calm Music for Sleep Meditation, Healing Therapy, Study, Spa, Yoga
    Spiritual Moment

    Beautiful nature and peaceful Music for meditation, concentration and balance, pilates, stretching, and other relaxing ways. This relaxing composition can be used as meditation music, yoga music, music for massage , spa music and total relaxation music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and Total Relaxation. Download 320Kbps:

  • Celestial White Noise | Sleep Better, Reduce Stress, Calm Your Mind, Improve Focus
    Spiritual Moment
    white noise

    ►For more relaxation and meditation music please subscribe my channel: Amazon / iTunes / Bandcamp: Facebook /Twitter / Google +: BEST RELAXING MUSIC COLLECTION ☯ Shamanic Healing Sounds: ☯Reiki Zen Meditation Music: ☯Sleep Music Channel: ☯Extremely Powerful Brainwave Binaural Beats: ☯Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: ☯Relaxing Flute Music - Playlist: What can you find on our channel? Spiritual music, relax music, relaxing music, relajación, meditation music, meditation music zen, meditation music for spiritual, reiki creo en ti, zen music, zen garden, sleep music, music for studying, music for Reading, music for gaming, music for studying and concentration, alfa waves, beta waves, delta waves, theta waves, binaural beats, isochronic tones, music for deeep meditation, music for deep sleeping, chakra music, chakra meditation, tibetan music, tibetan bowls, tibetan bowls meditation, healing music, healing sounds, healing music therapy, healing songs, and more…. relax your body and mind, namaste

  • 1 AM Animal Crossing NL (Rainy Mood)
    animal crossing

    Something to help you sleep, I use it whenever I have trouble sleeping.