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  • Episode 167 | "Hov's Greens"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    This week, Joe, Rory and Mal had a lot to unpack. Joe begins by discussing the untimely passing of XXXTentacion and how it affected him (3:54). He also questions Rosenberg's loyalty to Hip Hop (8:47), addresses Akademiks (22:43) and speaks on getting out of the hood. While the guys were on tour Nas dropped his album “Nasir”, and they give their honest review of the project which was solely produced by Kanye West(40:25). Jay-Z and Beyoncè also released a surprise album the day after Nas and Kanye, and the guys determine if this was done strategically or coincidentally (57:23). They also speculate on some of the lyrics they feel were aimed at Kanye and/or Drake (1:09:11). This week is another loaded episode, enjoy. Thanks to all the listeners who showed up on tour! XXX artwork by: @Jediah Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Jacquees - “London” | Rory: Amber Olivier - “When It’s Over” | Mal: Adonis and V Don - “Silli Boi” | Cash App Host: Joe - $MouseBudden Co-Host: Rory - $RoryFarrell Mal - $Jellybean221 Production Team: Parks - $Parksmusic Savon - $SavonSB Erikson - $EriksonCorniel

  • Episode 166 | "Nasty Awards"
    The Joe Budden Podcast

    This week Joe, Rory and Mal begin with discussing Summer Jam and some of the performers who took the stage (7:00). They then comment on Tekashi69's failed attempt to sneak in and determine if he was right or wrong for it and should hee have performed (32:50). Joe also decided to address Ebro's antics on Twitter(47:04), Cyhi the Prynce (1:13:54), K. Forest dissing him (1:17:58) and Peter Davidson (1:57:11). And the guys discuss iHob (formerly known as iHop) failed attempt at strategic marketing (1:45:30). Another loaded episode, salute! Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Khalid & H.E.R - "This Way" | Mal: Guy - "Get to Know" | Rory: Baker Aaron (feat. Aanu) - "Change" |

  • Feckless
    The Brilliant Idiots

    This week Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz discuss, Tekashi beef, Trump & Kim Jun Un , the NBA finals, getting motivated, and more!!!

  • أغنية لحظة - ماهر زين
    Mustafa Hosny
    mustafa hosny

    أغنية برنامج عيش اللحظة كاملة كلمات وألحان: عزيز الشافعي ،، توزيع: أحمد ابراهيم ◀اشترك في حساب الداعية مصطفى حسني عشان يوصلك كل المقاطع الجديدة لحظة .. نفرح في لحظة .. نحزن في لحظة .. والعمر كله لحظة مرة وساعات بتحلى وهي رحلة تخلص في لحظة يا ترى اللي جاي قد اللي فات من عمرنا .. مين اللي عارف بكره ايه مكتوبلنا؟ لحظة ألم .. قلبي اتظلم .. دمعة فراق .. فرحة لقا صعبة الحياة وهينة .. قاسية وساعات حنينة عد الحاجات الحلوة حواليك عدها .. وكل لحظة فرحة عيشها وحسها ولربنا سلم أمورك كلها .. ده هو عنده المبتدى والمنتهى ◀ شارك برأيك في التعليقات، ولو عجبك الفيديو ماتنساش اللايك والشير .. شكرا لمتابعتكم كن عبداً ربانياً يتخلق بأخلاق الله... توكلنا على الله :) ◀ تابعونا على حسابات الداعية مصطفى حسني الرسمية: Website|| Youtube Channel || FaceBook Page|| Twitter Account|| SoundCloud Account|| Forum || Instagram Account || Google+ Page || Pinterest Account ||

  • أغنية بتحب حاجة - حمزة نمرة
    Mustafa Hosny
    mustafa hosny

    تتر برنامج سحر الدنيا... برنامج الداعية مصطفى حسني فى رمضان 1433 هـ - 2012 م ◀اشترك في حساب الداعية مصطفى حسني عشان يوصلك كل المقاطع الجديدة غناء: حمزة نمرة - كلمات وألحان: عزيز الشافعي - توزيع: وسام عبد المنعم بتحب حاجة .. بتموت عليها .. بتحس إنك مش هتتهنى إلا بيها تفضل وراها .. تدخل متاهة .. وبتنسى نفسك تلقى نفسك عبد ليها فوق من اللي انت فيه .. ربك دايما جنبك لو ناديته هتلاقيه .. جايز ده اختبار ركز في الإجابة وقول يا رب وخد قرار .. قول يا رب يا رب تقبل دعوتي وذلي وخضوعي .. كل اما أفكر في الحساب تنزل دموعي آمنت بيك قربني ليك الدنيا سحراني .. يا طول عذابي في بعدي عنك يا كتر ما بعاني وانا عارف إني مهما بنسى مش هتنساني ◀ شارك برأيك في التعليقات، ولو عجبك الفيديو ماتنساش اللايك والشير .. شكرا لمتابعتكم كن عبداً ربانياً يتخلق بأخلاق الله... توكلنا على الله :) ◀ تابعونا على حسابات الداعية مصطفى حسني الرسمية: Website|| Youtube Channel || FaceBook Page|| Twitter Account|| SoundCloud Account|| Forum || Instagram Account || Google+ Page || Pinterest Account ||

  • TAMMP 6-14-18
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about eating baguettes, speaking French, and kids learning instruments.

  • Live in Oakland
    The Read

    Oh, Oakland....

  • Drake, "I Get Lonely Too"
  • MMPC 6-18-18
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about his last days in Paris, Le Mans, and grounded sixteen year olds.

  • Ep 114: Everything is finite
    Bodega Boys
    Hip-hop & Rap

    The brand is strong! The Bronx's very own Desus Nice & THE KID MERO aka the Bodega Boys (from Desus & Mero on Viceland) are giving you their irreverent yet hilarious takes on all things pop culture. Live from Red Bull Studios This week: Chicago, Live art, Kids, Life and other tings!

  • What Happened to the American Pension?
    Goldman Sachs

    Fifty years ago, if you asked Americans how they mainly saved for retirement, chances are they'd answer: "my pension." That's no longer the case. After surging in the post-World War II years, corporate pensions have been on the decline in the US over the past couple decades, largely driven by a stricter regulatory environment and long period of low interest rates, says Goldman Sachs' Michael Moran. With fewer corporations offering comprehensive pension plans, Moran says it will be up to individuals to carry the burden of retirement savings. "It's going to be falling on a lot of individuals in terms of saving for retirement, investing money themselves and then realizing how long they're going to have to use that money in retirement."

    This podcast was recorded on April 13th, 2018.

    The views and opinions expressed herein should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities and such views and opinions may differ from those of Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research or other departments or divisions of Goldman Sachs and its affiliates. This information may not be current and Goldman Sachs has no obligation to provide any updates or changes. Neither Goldman Sachs nor any of its affiliates makes any representation or warranty, as to the accuracy or completeness of the statements or any information contained in this podcast and any liability therefore (including in respect of direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage) is expressly disclaimed. Goldman Sachs is not providing any financial, economic, legal, accounting or tax advice in this podcast. In addition, the receipt of this podcast by any listener is not to be taken as constituting the giving of investment advice by any Goldman Sachs entity. The portfolio risk management process includes an effort to monitor and manage risk but does not imply low risk.

    Copyright 2018 Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC. All rights reserved.

  • Podquisition 186: The E3 One That We Did

    The gang chats all things E3, including Fallout 76, Smash, The Last of Us Part 2, Anthem, and all the bollocks in between.

  • Detroit: Become Human — Connor Main Theme By Nima Fakhrara

    Three themes from Detroit: Become Human, each focusing on one of the title's main characters, and each scored by a different composer. Detroit: Become Human launches May 25, 2018 on PS4.

  • Side Stories: Foot Taco
    Last Podcast On The Left

    Ben and Henry and producer Travis are spittin' hot fire on this one. Topics include: Travis' run-in with a stalker, that taco foot meat guy, and a possible female serial killer. And they revisit Killdozer.

  • MMPC 6-11-18
    theMonday Morning Podcast

    Bill rambles about the French Open, evil mergers, and how to treat wait staff.

  • The Return Of Danny
    The Basement Yard

    On this episode, @DannyLopriore & I discuss mental health, shotgun rules, & more.

  • Are Robots Gonna Kill Us?
    The Basement Yard

    On this episode, I'm joined by @DannyLopriore & @JoeyGatto to talk about artificial intelligence & other things that aren't as cool as that.

  • Episode 320: Biggie and Tupac Part I - Sugar Bear
    Last Podcast On The Left

    We're delving into the cases of two of the most famous "unsolved" murders of the 20th century: Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. On our first episode, we're going to give a short history of gangsta rap in order to track the path that led to the deaths of two of the biggest musical icons of the nineties. ​

  • PM Extends Greetings On Eid
    Narendra Modi
    News & Politics

    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addresses the nation through his Radio Address, Mann Ki Baat. This month's episode sees citizens from various corners of the nation addressing their questions and suggestions to PM Modi

  • One Thousand Percent
    The Read

    Jokes and slurred language.